Colton’s Texas Stakeout by C.J. Miller

51bR4mYIxUL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_When the fourth book in the Coltons of Texas continuity begins, there is a possibility that the identity of a serial killer in Granite Gulch is known. Yet many uncertainties still exist in the ongoing mystery where few solid clues can be confirmed. What previously happened to one family in Texas many years ago keeps affecting each member to this day, and a sister feels she has much to prove before true happiness can be hers. C.J. Miller adds numerous twists to her Coltons of Texas installment, where questions are constantly raised but answers are not always easy to discover. COLTON’S TEXAS STAKEOUT has heartfelt emotional issues and hidden dangers.

While the recent murders of six women in the area around Granite Gulch, TX are similar to those committed by her father long ago, Annabel Colton’s parent in is prison and cannot be blamed. Being a cop in the small town had her attempting to find the person responsible, and she luckily found evidence linked to a woman living nearby. Though her brothers think Annabel does not have the experience to track down the person who might be the Alphabet Killer, she plans to keep working the case and follow any leads. Just because she is a woman will not keep her from carrying out all tasks to the best of her ability, regardless of the risk.

After days of being given no difficult assignments, Annabel receives one that excites her and could demonstrate she is a capable police officer. She will be watching the farm where Jesse Willard lives and hopefully the suspected Alphabet Killer will show up. Even though he insists there has been no recent communication with his half-sister, it is her job to make sure the farmer is telling the truth. While Annabel and Jesse clash over how his sibling is perhaps connected to the unsolved killings, they also feel an undeniable attraction to each other.

Trying to win the approval of her many brothers motivates Annabel to be a good cop, and she feels being in a relationship would only be a distraction. But from the moment she comes in contact with Jesse, her thoughts are now divided between work and her personal life. Both had shameful pasts, and I liked how determined they were to be respectable despite how anyone else saw them. Jesse is very sympathetic to the difficulties of others, and his behavior repeatedly showed his caring nature. I really felt for all he had to go through because of being related to a potential killer, as he suffered numerous hardships because of gossip. How Annabel never let discouragement keep her from carrying out her obligations showed me that she was someone with stubborn tenacity. The relationship of this couple is very challenging from the start. I particularly enjoyed the realistic problems C.J. Miller gave Jesse and Annabel to overcome, and passion between them is sincerely expressed with sensuality and much longing.

Facts relating to the murder investigation are gradually being exposed, and any information learned had me wondering if my own deductions would turn out to be correct. A number of threatening incidences take place in the story, where the guilty party is not always known at first and left me guessing. There are certainly plenty of details yet to be uncovered, and I am looking forward to the next compelling Coltons of Texas book. COLTON’S TEXAS STAKEOUT has peril, lots of emotion and steamy passion.

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Series:  Coltons of Texas

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  April 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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