Come Home with Me by Susan Fox

Realism is evident in every situation that arises in the second Blue Moon Harbor story. From convincing dialogue to descriptive settings to relatable characters, Susan Fox created believable aspects at all times. There was never a single event which did not come across as plausible, and I thought the whole story could truly be about actual people. Ms. Fox makes her characters very diverse, as backgrounds are distinctive while each personality is unlike anyone else in the book. I constantly felt as though I was reading about a group of individuals who could definitely exist on an island off the coast of Canada, and the author’s imaginative depiction of the locale made scenes genuinely realistic again and again. COME HOME WITH ME is compelling with emotionally stirring entanglements and engaging characters.

When it seemed like almost every part of Miranda Gabriel’s life was dealing with something negative, she finally had to admit defeat and ask her brother for assistance. If it had only concerned her, she would have stayed in Vancouver and found someway to exist. But she has a young daughter, and there is no way the child is going to suffer because of her mother’s mistakes. Though Miranda had left Blue Moon Harbor to get out of a bad situation with her own mother, she is now back and hopes things go much better this second time.

At least she has found work at a store carrying items for children, and veterinarian Luke Chandler comes in one day to buy birthday gifts for his twin sons. He senses something familiar about the new employee, and soon realizes they went to school together. Luke can immediately tell she is not like the rebellious teenager of long ago. It has been four years since his wife died, and he has had no interest in dating anyone. While he is not sure if the changes in Miranda make her someone that he would like to know more about, he might be willing to give it a shot because no other woman has grabbed his attention like her.

There are quite a few scenes filled with challenges in COME HOME WITH ME, and I was cheering on the main couple to discover the happiness they both deserve. Miranda and Luke often have to struggle with numerous personal issues, especially since they are single parents. They are very aware of their children’s needs, continuously putting them before their own wishes. I really liked how these two focused on the kids and made certain the little ones never felt neglected, yet eventually worked in some adult time for themselves. There are several very candid discussions between Miranda and Luke, and I found their openness to be refreshing. Both are learning from each other, as neither has been in this type of relationship before, and much self-discovery takes place. The passion they experience seems honestly sincere, and I enjoyed seeing how they would respond to any suggestions.

The three kids in the story are very adorable, and had me smiling and even laughing because of their antics. With the huge group of secondary characters, there is a wide variety of behavior depicted that occasionally ended up affecting the everyday happenings of Luke and Miranda. The residents on Destiny Island are very entertaining, and I am glad more of them will get a story about their lives.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Blue Moon Harbor

Publisher:  Zebra

Releases:  December 26, 2017


Genre:   Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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