Covert Alliance by Linda O. Johnston

51jmKKDMLrLIf there is no proof a crime has been committed yet a person feels threatened, then a special section of the US Marshals called the ID Division may be able to help. The individual is protected by being given a new identity, while an operative covertly looks for concrete facts. This fascinating concept makes the latest release from Linda O. Johnston interesting, especially when a woman is determined to find clues about her missing sister on her own, but the undercover agent working the case is a man who always follows the rules. COVERT ALLIANCE intrigues as the mystery builds.

When her sister disappeared and was presumed dead, the woman now known as Kelly Ladd changed everything about herself in order to stay safe. Since the person she feels certain is the killer was never charged because there was no evidence, her life was at risk because of her accusations. So she contacted the Identity Division organization where they altered her features plus gave her a new life. But when she realized her nephew is also in possible danger, Kelly returned to Blue Haven, California and became a waitress in the hope of keeping the boy from any harm.

While Kelly has come back for personal reasons to the place where her sister was last seen, there is also a man in the town who is secretly working for the ID Division. Alan Correy is looking for anything that will prove what was stated about one particular resident is true. But when he figures out the woman who should not be in the area is a café employee, he worries she will be spotted by others. When Alan confronts Kelly, they decide to let her stay for a time though he is not happy, yet perhaps getting what they need will go faster with two people looking.

Since threats for most of the book are only alleged and not actually backed up by any physical actions, there is a feeling of anticipation throughout the story of what might happen. As I waited for clues to be revealed, the mystery of what happened in the past just kept getting bigger. Linda O. Johnston gives a few indications here and there of the truth, making me appreciate each clever hint.

Though Kelly knows she should not have come back to the town, concern for her nephew overrode her own well-being. I think her unease is a big reason Alan went along with her plan instead of making her go back into hiding, and she is not a huge risk-taker which could have led to her actual identity being discovered. As they try to uncover any information about her sister and nephew, these two become more than a working team. There was something between them from the moment they spied each other, and the emotional pull only becomes stronger as they get to know one another. Although Alan is someone who never disobeys orders, his feelings for Kelly play a big part in making him go against what he perceives as a wrong. Personal feelings are definitely a powerful motivator for both of them. Though not a lot of action-packed suspense, the mystery of what previously took place in Blue Haven kept me reading. Numerous uncertainties in COVERT ALLIANCE add to the enjoyment.

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Series:  ID Division

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  August 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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