Crazy for You by J.H. Croix

Each book in the Last Frontier Lodge series tells of a couple who must overcome numerous obstacles before they can be in a lasting relationship. In the eighth book, the emotional pull practically overwhelms Sawyer Hamilton and Violet Carter from their first meeting, yet deep-rooted doubts keep anything permanent from forming. As their touching journey changes with each passing day, I became completely engrossed in how this couple would react to each set of circumstances that arose. CRAZY FOR YOU is a heartfelt romance with genuine emotions and delightfully appealing characters. J.H. Croix drew me into every compelling moment.

Being a very capable Navy SEAL has kept Sawyer Hamilton alive while carrying out his many secret assignments, but one mission did leave him injured and additional surgery will hopefully result in less pain. Since some assistance might be needed afterward, he has come back home to Diamond Creek, Alaska because several family members live in the area. While doing some preliminary tests at the local hospital, he meets Violet Carter, a lively woman who works in a lab. There is an instantaneous connection between Sawyer and Violet, and they share a kiss that is hard to forget before he leaves the hospital.

After saying goodbye to New York City and coming to work in Alaska, Violet now feels as though she actually belongs somewhere. When she meets Sawyer again by chance, she is surprised when the charming man says he would like to go on a date with her. Although she certainly cannot deny there is a strong attraction, she does not plan on ever letting things get serious with a man again after what happened in her past. But desire runs high and being together is oh so tempting.

The way in which J.H. Croix makes each of her books in the Last Frontier Lodge series a standalone is simply amazing. Regardless of the book being read, plenty of background information lets me know something about the featured characters and past plots in order to not feel lost. There are so many wonderful relatives plus their friends who live in Diamond Creek, and I always enjoy hearing about their current lives. Ms. Croix makes the scenic locale come alive with colorful details, while daily activities make the characters seem more convincing.

A book where two people are totally stunned by their responses to each other and then try to fight the fascination is a favorite, and J.H. Croix knows how to make this storyline absolutely riveting. Whether Sawyer and Violet are trying to make some tough decisions or giving in to the highly explosive desire they feel, each scene is entertaining with believability. I was so thrilled for this couple when they followed their hearts, and I also felt their misery when choices led to conflict and hurt. Sawyer was self-assured about his ability to be a soldier, but Violet confuses him and takes away his control. He is such a likable hero, and I really enjoyed watching him go through so many different emotions. Violet had thought being on her own would make her happy, and I fretted she might not be willing to give up her independence. CRAZY FOR YOU is about discovering what will bring lasting joy.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the author, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Last Frontier Lodge Novels – Book 8

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  February 28, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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