Crossroads by Chantal Fernando

CROSSROADS is an emotional journey of discovering what will lead to lasting happiness and the willingness to go for it. In the sixth book of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, Chantal Fernando puts two people together for a common cause, but the desire they feel for one another is unexpected. I really like Ranger, and the premise of having him paired with a female cop is cleverly carried out with situations that are conceivable. I laughed often, felt heartache at other times, and even got a little heated when their passionate sides took over. Though Ranger has not been an official Wind Dragons member for long, I am glad he got to tell his story.

When another Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club member appeals to Ranger for his assistance, he at first plans to refuse because the task will require him to work with a cop. But after realizing the woman whom he needs to help locate is someone previously met, he feels duty-bound to accept the request. Also, Ranger is feeling rather restless since leaving his old club and joining the Wind Dragons, as he has yet to fully settle in. So at least looking for the woman will occupy his time, and maybe some evidence he finds will actually aid the search.

There is a big surprise in store for Ranger when he goes to talk with the detective about the case, as he has seen her before and was very fascinated. Johanna Chase has a personal reason for getting the woman back unharmed. Though she is not fond of bikers, she will do anything to have her cousin returned, even consent to working directly with Ranger. When a possible lead has them travelling together to check it out, they get closer. While there is definitely an undeniable pull between them, there are also too many differences for a relationship to ever last.

Since the first time Ranger was introduced in the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club books, I have been totally intrigued with this mysterious man. While he is a loyal biker, he also hides much about himself from others and wants these facts kept hidden. He is not looking for a committed relationship, and there is no way he could ever become involved with a cop. But the more he is around Johanna because of their need to help someone else, the more he likes her. She had always thought all bikers were basically criminals, yet she quickly learns Ranger is nothing like her preconceived opinion. Watching this couple come to terms with what makes them unalike was very entertaining to me, as they use intelligence, a little alcohol, plus the advice of others. The one area where they are certainly well-matched is sex, and those moments are passionately realistic. With many of the scenes being told from each of their perspectives, I got to see how they experienced the same circumstances.

Various members of the Wind Dragons club show up from time to time, and these appealing individuals often let their personalities shine through. Faye is especially engaging in the story, along with the lively behavior of Talon, and I always had to laugh at the witty banter. Chantal Fernando has written a series about friendship and emotional issues amongst likable characters, and I have enjoyed every single story. CROSSROADS is about the captivating world of bikers, where real problems occur and solutions are believable.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  March 14, 2017


Genre:   Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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