Dead in a Flash by Brynn Bonner

51xmfydE3mL._SY346_For the fourth book in the Family History Mystery series, two simultaneous undertakings by genealogists double the secrets and suspects. Brynn Bonner cleverly interweaves looking into past lives with current events, and the result is an enthralling story packed with unknowns. I became caught up in the many often shocking revelations that came to light throughout the story, as each new disclosure had my mind frantically trying to work out what these new facts meant. But just when I thought my deductions were going in the right direction, another clue about what was actually going on was uncovered, changing my assumptions once again. DEAD IN A FLASH intrigues with countless mysteries.

Since the most recent project Sophreena McClure has taken on is going so well, the genealogist thinks everything will easily be done on time. Working alongside her business partner and good friend Esme Sabatier, they collect information desired by a client and then compile their findings in a scrapbook. If their latest assignment can make a previous senator from North Carolina happy, then hopefully word will spread and more folks will be hiring them. With only one additional interview left, Soph and Esme will soon be finishing up scrapbooks on the senator’s career and his personal family.

Although most of what the two women have found out about the likable older gentleman concerns good times, there was one huge tragedy in his past. When the house where he grew up caught fire, his younger brother was killed. While most everyone thought it was an accident, his parents were certain the incident was deliberate in order to hide the abduction of the infant. When old rumors resurface, their client wants the genealogists to look for clues into what really happened that fateful day. As Soph and Esme begin investigating, they get another task to complete very quickly, yet feel confident it can be finished on time. When someone whom they know is murdered, questions about possible motives keep growing.

When I read a cozy mystery, I want the characters to be just as believable as the storyline and Brynn Bonner always complies. In the Family History Mystery series, I have repeatedly found the two main characters, Soph and Esme to be not only appealing individuals but also very realistic. Even the small touch of supernatural associated with Esme is convincing and can make a situation even more fascinating. The profession of these two distinctive individuals is truly attention-grabbing, as I like learning about any relatives who came before me. It is enjoyable watching them work and make choices about the best way to unearth the background of someone.

There are so many uncertainties in DEAD IN A FLASH, and each worry gets plenty of attention. With Soph and Esme working on two projects at the same time, they encounter lots of issues which need answers before they can hand over the scrapbooks. A murder puts a damper on their investigating, and they are constantly challenged by what they find. But these two dedicated and compassionate genealogists give it their best effort to locate any info. There is a long list of characters in this story, but thankfully their names are different enough that I could keep them all straight. Several people who are special in the lives of Soph and Esme are featured, and I always enjoyed their interactions. I am really eager for another book about the study of family history and unexpected murder. DEAD IN A FLASH captivates with a riveting whodunit.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  Family History Mystery – Book 4

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  August 30, 2016


Genre:  Mystery

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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