Deep Cover by Kimberly Van Meter

51ufV-yZVcL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_There are definitely plenty of unknowns in DEEP COVER, where a number of concerns are connected to a FBI case while other worries are related to how a couple feels about each other. When the relationship of two people ended badly and they must now work together, it causes all kind of problems, especially when one wrong choice can have deadly consequences. As government agents, Shaine Kelly and Poppy Jones have an obligation to carry out their assignments and not let anything interfere. But keeping their feelings under complete control is not always easy when they are in daily contact once again. Kimberly Van Meter has created lots of risky escapades for her romantic couple to constantly overcome. Emotional conflicts are interwoven into dangerous exploits all throughout DEEP COVER.

A new and often lethal drug has been invented in Miami, and several government agencies are going to be working together to stop the individuals responsible for its distribution. Shaine Kelly is from the FBI and will be on the team, and he is eager to begin the undercover operation. But when he discovers Poppy Jones is one of the DEA agents coming, he is stunned. She was once with the FBI, and they became intimately close until she was injured. Afterward, Poppy changed agencies and caused Shaine much heartache.

Though neither wants to be paired with the other on this crucial mission, both know taking down the drug dealer is too imperative to let personal matters interfere in how they handle any assignments, regardless of how they actually feel. She also wants to prove her competence, as there have been numerous times in the past where her skills came into question. As Shaine and Poppy are placed in situations which will hopefully allow them to observe any drug dealings, they know circumstances can go wrong in an instant and must be prepared for anything.

DEEP COVER is entertaining with riveting intrigue. With so many questions needing to be answered, I was never sure what Shaine and Poppy would be facing when they tried to resolve an issue. In the world of drug lords and those who do their bidding, lies are commonplace, so it was very hard to know whether someone was lying or telling the truth. As I went along on the journey with Shaine and Poppy as they tried to uncover the facts, I was sometimes shocked by what was disclosed. Kimberly Van Meter kept me guessing as to what would happen in the end, as danger and ruthless determination kept escalating.

While Poppy and Shaine knew they should only focus on the case and not think about what was once between them, it is certainly difficult at times when they must come in contact with each other. Both are dedicated to their careers, where doing their best is very important to them. Much was left unsaid when they parted, yet finding the right words now is still tough. Feelings are expressed through actions more than comments, as they do not want to admit what is in their hearts, even to themselves. Mounting sexual tension just adds pressure to their already complicated lives during this case. Shaine does have a candidly honest conversation with one of his brothers, and it let me know exactly how he felt about Poppy, thus showing me his real thoughts. I hope his two brothers who have very interesting careers also get their own books.

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Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  July 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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