Deep Dark by Laura Griffin

51QtHl2ilzLThis is the tenth book in the Tracers series, and the latest story about the elite investigative group, Delphi Center, is one of the best yet. DEEP DARK has enthralling realism during every suspenseful episode. There is constantly much uncertainty as to what will happen next, while the romantic aspects are smoothly blended into the storyline. Laura Griffin is definitely one of the top authors when it comes to creating convincing romantic suspense, as characters are very believable and every riveting situation is plausible.

When Reed Novak begins his investigation into the death of a woman, there are few clues and no solid evidence pointing to a particular suspect. Then the detective with the Austin police department receives a cryptic text message that leaves him even more puzzled about the victim and her perplexing murder. After discovering the identity of the person who sent him the supposed facts, Reed tries to learn if Delaney Knox actually knows something relevant about his case. Though she gives him a little information, he feels certain Laney knows more about the dead woman than she is willing to tell him.

Working at the Delphi Center gives Laney the chance to use her hacking skills, and she specializes in catching those who prey on others now that socializing is so popular on the Internet. One of the reasons she is so interested in this new murder is because she could have easily been killed during a violent incident in the past, and several factors about the current case are just like what occurred to her. While she does offer her assistance in finding the individual responsible, working closely with Reed causes unexpected feelings to surface.

The hero and heroine in DEEP DARK are a couple with whom I instantly connected, and I was truly concerned about their happiness on numerous occasions. Laura Griffin skillfully drew me into the lives of Reed and Laney, two people who seemed so real regardless of the situation in which they found themselves. Whether they are searching for decisive proof about the murder, or are exploring their growing desire for one another, the moment is always packed with reactions that are totally genuine and let me know exactly how they felt about the circumstances. Reed is a dedicated cop who follows the rules while protecting those in need. Yet from the time he meets Laney, his steadfast professional beliefs are not quite as easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed the doggedly persistent way that Laney would not give up her pursuit to find the killer. Though she is not really comfortable working with the authorities, stopping a heartless murderer using her expertise is more important. The relationship of Reed and Laney is certainly complex, and I enjoyed seeing how things would work out between them when things became even more difficult.

Anything related to a homicide is expertly portrayed with specifics that let me know much research had been done to make scenes as accurate as possible. I frequently felt as though I was right there in the room watching evidence be collected, and then I was able to experience the analysis of whatever was found. There are a number of surprises which I did not see coming, and their disclosures left me stunned. Laura Griffin always makes details come across as factual, causing me to feel like the story could have taken place. Several of the Delphi Center employees are featured from time to time, and it was great getting to revisit with some of these favorite characters. I hope the Tracers series continues for many more installments. DEEP DARK is imaginatively chilling.

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Series:  Tracers – Book 10

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  May 24, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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