Deliver Us From Evil by Allison Brennan

Whether this is the first time reading DELIVER US FROM EVIL or the story was previously discovered when it was part of the WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE anthology, learning how the Seven Deadly Sins series began will bring much enjoyment. Allison Brennan is known for thrilling mysteries and suspenseful stories, and the paranormal aspects in this enthralling novella add even more intrigue. I have always been fascinated with the supernatural, and often wonder if something unexplained could actually have an unearthly cause. The author makes the numerous strange events in the book come across as profoundly convincing, making me ponder if this fictional account could perhaps turn out to be partly true.  DELIVER US FROM EVIL has bizarre mysteries and terrifying developments.

When the behavior of a dozen priests at a California mission becomes odd, a demonologist hopes to uncover what is causing their problem. But before Anthony Zaccardi can arrive in America and learn the possible reason, the men are all killed. There are no suspects, but he thinks those responsible maybe be demons. When he mentions his suspicions to the sheriff in charge of the case, Skye McPherson feels certain humans are to blame, not some supernatural being.

It looks as though some type of ritual took place at the mission when the men were murdered, and Anthony has a feeling it summoned a demon which needs to be quickly returned to hell or more deaths will occur. Unfortunately, Skye refuses to go along with his theory, so her investigation will only be focused on people. Anthony must have her cooperation in order to stop what will surely happen in the future, but getting Skye to have faith in his beliefs will take much persuasion.

A wide variety of characters are featured in the story, and the personality of each one brings something unique to the scenes in which they appear. From anyone with harmful intentions to a person who is only trying to do the right thing, their conduct let me know their motivations. Anthony is all about doing what he can to keep demons from reaching their goals in the human world, and his biggest battle unexpectedly takes place in a small coastal California town. When he meets Skye, he wants to keep the stubborn woman safe from the hidden danger in her community while also trying to locate a demon. She tries to solve the murders logically, and though there are countless questions, she just cannot accept the explanation Anthony gives as the truth. As these two butt heads and look for answers, their awareness of each other surprisingly grows very strong. How their relationship changes from constantly at odds to something more sexual is influenced by many outside factors, and any passion between them very intense. Both are determined individuals, and neither is willing to give up when they think they are correct about a subject. I feared for each of them on different occasions, as several incidents are dangerous with a great deal of peril.

The idea behind what is happening in the story is unsettlingly scary, and the whole concept captured my interest all the way through. Allison Brennan has written a thought-provoking paranormal story, as DELIVER US FROM EVIL is extremely compelling.

I voluntarily reviewed the book received via NetGalley, and these comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Seven Deadly Sins

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  January 9, 2017


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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