Delta Force Desire by C.J. Miller

51-JdrB-y0LThe latest C.J. Miller release has an abundance of dangerous incidents plus emotional situations. Suspense constantly builds, while longing between the main couple also keeps mounting despite their complicated circumstances. I never knew what type of peril would occur or where it might take place, and these uncertainties heightened the trepidation I felt during much of the book. The storyline is unique, and its take on a conceivable problem into today’s society where computers are so important made for a fascinating read. DELTA FORCE DESIRE has a wide range of emotions along with plenty of risky escapades.

While Kaitlyn “Kit” Walker has not worked as a computer scientist for four years, she always worries the former project to which she is connected will end up causing her trouble one day. With her expert computer skills, she had hoped no one, especially any enemies, would ever find her. Yet she has been found, and she quickly realizes just how much jeopardy she is now in. The endeavor that she had a big part in creating has caused Kit to be in grave danger, but at least an agent from the West Company is there to keep her from being harmed.

When Griffin Brooks was assigned his current mission, he was only supposed to retrieve a woman wanted by terrorists because of her knowledge relating to a secret U.S. government project. But instead of handing Kit off to another agent, she becomes his responsibility. Griffin does not take on tasks where he must watch over anyone, as there is too much guilt over the death of his wife whom he did not protect. But when his staying by Kit’s side is required to gain her assistance, he finds himself torn between duty and desire.

A large number of obstacles are certainly standing in the way of Griffin and Kit ever being in a relationship. From determined terrorists who use deadly force to several issues that catch them off guard because of the unexpectedness, this couple will be put through the wringer over and over again. How they react to the many perilous events in their lives proved both can outsmart others. Griffin’s way may be more physical, while Kit uses the computer to fight her battles, yet their minds are always planning ahead toward a goal. One huge threat in DELTA FORCE DESIRE is a modern day danger, where computers can be a blessing or cause a disaster. C.J. Miller makes the story interesting with disturbing possibilities.

Kit is someone whose interaction with men has often had unpleasant results, as she is much more adept with computers, and several conversations with Griffin are awkward and had me feeling her embarrassment. But he always tries to be careful with her feelings, and this has him coming across as a true hero on numerous occasions. Since he has never gotten over his wife being killed and feeling he is to blame, this fact greatly influences many of his responses to the situations they have to face. As the spend time together, the sexual tension keeps building and is frequently off-the-scale. There were a few times when I could practically feel the heat being generated by all the lusty yearning between these two, and I definitely needed a cool drink after one particular episode. I hope to see more stories featuring the West Company and its capable agents. DELTA FORCE DESIRE has adventures, passion, and much emotion.

Received copy from author

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  June 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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