Demand by Lisa Renee Jones

51mkak5XtsLThroughout the first book in the Careless Whispers series, there was one question after another, and often no answers were easily found. While Ella still has countless issues in her life where no facts are known, several clues about her past are gradually being recalled as the second story progresses. Though Lisa Renee Jones does give a very helpful summary of what took place in the previous installment, readers should start at the beginning of the series in order to know every riveting detail about Ella and Kayden, a couple who must face the uncertainty of what will be disclosed if she recovers from her amnesia. Danger intensifies with each new revelation in DEMAND.

There have been so many problems in the life of Ella ever since she woke up in an Italian hospital. The few facts she has remembered frequently add to her confusion, and she is often wary of Kayden Wilkens though they have grown close. The two met in the hospital where he proclaimed to be her rescuer after she was hurt. But sometimes his comments seem to contradict what Ella believes to be the true. If Kayden is holding back and not telling all he knows, she cannot help but fear his possible motive for keeping secrets.

As more and more of her memories resurface, Ella worries about what actually happened in her past, and if any of these events will affect her current life. Kayden always seems to give her answers which show he really cares about her. Yet there is constant uneasiness in the back of her mind that something important is being left unsaid. Ella just hopes remaining by Kayden’s side does not cause her more trouble than she can handle.

The Careless Whispers series has been absolutely outstanding from the start, and the captivation only increases in the second book. There are so many truths missing from Ella’s memories, and I became even more intrigued with her as she begins to recollect crucial facts that led to her involvement with Kayden. I was often shocked by what was learned, and her response to a number of these surprises occasionally revealed forgotten traits. When she was gutsy, I cheered her on, while I felt her understandable misery upon remembering a distressing incident. Lisa Renee Jones adeptly lets the reader experience the emotions of her characters in scene after scene.

While Ella certainly wants to unearth the details of her past, she is also very apprehensive about what may be exposed about her. Kayden may say he is on her side, but sometimes the truth will change how a person thinks of another individual. With so many doubts swirling in her thoughts, I really felt for what she was going through and how everything would turn out. Lisa Renee Jones packs emotion into each engaging scene, where conversations are believable and any conflicts are often heart-pounding. The relationship of Kayden and Ella is complicated from the moment they met, and I never knew if the extremely steamy passion between them would be enough to triumph over any obstacles that arise. Trying to decide whether someone is being honest with Ella or only covering their tracks kept me totally engrossed in the whole book, and the way in which the story ended has me wanting the next book now. DEMAND is an emotional journey of personal discovery.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Careless Whispers – Book 2

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  May 31, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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