Desert Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

A highly unusual storyline makes DESERT WOLF constantly fascinating. The unique werewolves created by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom are present, and their distinctive traits once again make them atypical from those usually read. But it is the numerous secrets and mysteries to be solved that really make the story exceptional. I was repeatedly intrigued with the many unanticipated incidents which occur, and when answers were finally given, I was often totally stunned. From start to finish, the story kept me captivated because of all the unknowns plus interesting characters.

After inheriting some land in Arizona from her father, Paxton Hall returns to the place where she lived as a child in the hope of quickly selling it and then returning to Maryland. However, there is one big problem keeping this objective from being simple. It seems there is an abandoned old western town which was once open to the public sitting in the middle of the property she now owns, and it belongs to Grant Wade. So Paxton has come to the hot desert in the hope of getting this stranger’s cooperation.

Her preconceived notions about Grant are far from correct, as it turns out he was once a Texas Ranger and is about her age. When Paxton tries to negotiate with him, he makes it clear there will be no deals made. What she does not know is the man opposing her is a werewolf, and the ghost town of Desperado is where the Lycan Alpha has concealed his pack. A multitude of secrets are being kept by Grant, and deciding what to actually tell Paxton is a huge gamble.

When a human and werewolf meet, there are often some problems to overcome. But the dilemmas Grant and Paxton must face are definitely much bigger than just worrying about different species. While he is aware of much more that is going on in Desperado than her, as she is in the dark at first, there are still some uncertainties for him to also discover. As truths become known, their choices about each new development could be disastrous if not chosen wisely. The confusion Grant and Paxton feel at times left me also speculating about the many possible explanations for what was taking place. Some subtle clues are scattered throughout the story, and I never knew if my deductions were right until every detail was exposed. The superb writing talent of Linda Thomas-Sundstrom certainly shines in DESERT WOLF, a very original paranormal novel.

What could have been an uncomplicated transaction is anything but that for Paxton, and the emotional issues in her life after arriving back home are heartbreaking. I cannot imagine having so many things to decide at once, and the author does not make her path to being happy easy. She has always been spirited, and every bit of her spunk is going to be needed to survive the nonstop predicaments. Grant is a wonderful hero, as he is protective plus compassionate and devoted. As the Alpha, he has countless responsibilities, and I liked how swiftly he moved Paxton up the list. These two go through so many emotional moments, and I enjoyed seeing how they would react to the situation and each other.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  August 1, 2017


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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