Dr. Do-or-Die by Lara Lacombe

There are mounting threats in the latest Doctors in Danger story, where not only are the main characters in the book at risk but so are countless others. The plot about a group wanting to cause harm to a huge number of innocent people is all too frightening in today’s world, and Lara Lacombe bases her imaginative storyline on an actual scientific finding, thus making the book all the more realistic. As each new development took place, I became more fearful for the romantic couple and those individuals whom they wanted to save. Filled with lots of building suspense plus conflicting emotions, DR. DO-OR-DIE captivates with intrigue.

A wish to keep communicable medical disorders from spreading led to Dr. Avery Thatcher joining the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention after college. When mysterious symptoms start affecting folks working at a U.S. research base in Antarctica, she is sent to the remote area in the hope of uncovering vital information related to the illness before it possibly claims many lives. Upon arriving at the base, Avery is stunned to see that the head doctor there is Dr. Grant Jones, the man with whom she was once involved and he is just as shocked. Yet both know they must concentrate on the terrible outbreak by learning its cause, and not think about their personal worries.

As Avery and Grant work together with determined focus, neither can keep the memories of what was between them from being recalled when least expected. The source of the disease proves difficult to pinpoint, yet these two dedicated doctors plan to do everything they can to be successful. Fighting against unidentified factors as well as their feelings for one another, they know time is against them when the situation only becomes worse.

With its terrifying scenario of conceivable events, DR. DO-OR-DIE took me on a journey of chilling circumstances that I hope never happen. But with today’s knowledge and the resourcefulness of terrorists, I shiver to think about something similar in fact taking place one day. Lara Lacombe makes the incidents in the story believable, especially since any episodes are shown using the thoughts of Avery and Grant plus that of the wrongdoer. This let me get a feel for reasons behind any occurrences, regardless of who instigated them and why. I was frequently anxious because of what was happening, as the author built up the suspense of the final outcome. The Antarctic setting is vividly depicted, and I definitely got a sense of what living there would be like.

The relationship of Avery and Grant was torn apart ten years ago, but they have never completely gotten over the deep feelings they shared. While searching for the origin of the illness is their most crucial task at this time, they cannot keep from thinking about the past and how each reacted during a decisive moment in their lives. Sometimes a second chance can work out for a couple that made some mistakes, but nothing seems guaranteed for these two. So I had to keep reading in order to discover just what Avery and Grant would decide was the best course of action to make them be happy in the days ahead. A hint at the end of the story concerning the next book in the series has already grabbed my interest.

Received copy from author for my honest opinion

Series:  Doctors in Danger

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  January 1, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jymyhfs

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://laralacombe.blogspot.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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