Dragon King Of Treoir by Dianna Love

There is little downtime for the Beladors and those who fight alongside them in the eighth book about these fascinating beings. Between battling enemies and facing emotional personal conflicts, the many beloved characters whom I have grown to adore find themselves in some dire predicaments that often seem hopeless. Dianna Love makes every aspect of her unique urban fantasy world believable, regardless of what is occurring. Also, if an incident contained something out-of-the-ordinary, I always felt as though the event could actually have happened in my own world just as described. If hostile supernatural forces really do exist, then I hope there is somebody like Evalle plus her numerous comrades who are always ready to protect humans from the evil kept hidden from them. DRAGON KING OF TREOIR is filled with startling twists, where unexpected turns put loyalty and vows to the test.

Though the Beladors have a reason to celebrate, a peaceful existence is not yet guaranteed. Daegan has become their ruler, and these exceptional individuals truly hope the dragon shifter will turn out to be the leader that they have long needed. Yet their group has been accused of killing several Medb which is their hated enemy, and they must quickly prove otherwise. Many of the Beladors are diligently searching for whoever is actually responsible, but so far no proof has been found. But these beings who possess a wide variety of abilities are not willing to give up easily.

Evalle and her Belador friends are beginning to realize just how much trouble they are in when every new situation brings more questions than answers. Vladimir Quinn had taken over the Maistir position of the group, but a personal problem could have terrible consequences if he makes a wrong decision. With time running out, his final choice will have to be made soon. But having to choose what is best for all involved could come at a very high price.

Several very dramatic circumstances at the start of DRAGON KING OF TREOIR could have a huge impact on the characters who have been met in the previous seven books of the Belador series. Unexpected threats and few clues make life very difficult for many of them, and there are even some sinister plots about which they know nothing. I became more and more alarmed as I learned information related to these schemes, as each one could greatly affect the characters for whom I greatly care. Evalle, Storm, Quinn and other favorites play vital roles in the story, and I was especially delighted when Tristan showed up numerous times. I definitely have a soft spot for him.

Whose side several newcomers are on is a big question until all is revealed. Some unpredicted facts stunned me, and I had no idea how a number of characters would react when they discovered the details. Dianna Love has created an extremely diverse group for her Belador series, and seeing if they can overcome challenging issues makes her stories continuously riveting. DRAGON KING OF TREOIR is particularly captivating because of never-ending danger and countless surprises. The war between different preternaturals is heating up even more, as Ms. Love pits demons, gryphons, dragons, witches, gods and humans against one another.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and these comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Belador Book 8

Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC

Releases:  January 10, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jttpl93

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Author website:  http://authordiannalove.com/home

Rating:  5 Stars

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