Edge of Surrender by Laura Griffin

51gPMSDTBrLThe gripping conclusion of the first installment in the Alpha Crew series leads to a heart-pounding start in the second episode, where more questions are raised and few individuals can be trusted. Emma has disappeared, and there are hardly any clues for Ryan to follow. But nothing will stop this tenacious SEAL from finding the woman who is beginning to mean more to him than just an assignment. Laura Griffin always captures the imagination with believable dilemmas packed with danger and often impossible odds. Unexpected threats keep EDGE OF SURRENDER constantly intriguing.

When Ryan Owen took Emma Wright to a safe house, he did think anyone would be able to find them. But when she goes missing and he has no idea where she has gone or with whom, he desperately tries to learn what happened to her. It could all be because of her persistent in asking questions about the plane crash that killed several people in the Philippines, including her boss, the wife of a U.S. ambassador. Since Emma was the only survivor, whatever she knows could be placing her at risk and Ryan worries over how far someone might go to keep specific facts secret.

Using the best resources he can find, Ryan relentlessly looks for Emma. The control he learned as a SEAL is needed, as he must not lose focus of his goal to rescue her again. While the first time was because of orders, the current task is for his own reasons. Emma may feel a powerful attraction to Ryan, but putting her life in his hands once more will take much faith since there are so many uncertainties.

As Ryan begins the most important mission of his life in locating Emma, several emotional conflicts are also issues in their lives. A disagreement following a memorable sexual encounter is what led to her disappearance, and now guilt plus reservations makes a romantic relationship doubtful. As they delve into solving the increasing number of threats, Ryan and Emma find the pull between them is very strong and sex is a great way to relieve stress. Being carried away by desire also has the couple becoming more emotionally involved with each other, as their numerous intimate moments bring them closer. I did not know for sure what each would ultimately decide, but I kept my hopes up for good choices to be made in the end.

EDGE OF SURRENDER has riveting adventures and an engaging romance. While the first book about Ryan and Emma concentrated on many dangerous circumstances, this story gave more attention to their relationship while still being suspenseful. Though the government employee was never just an obligation to the SEAL, the idea of losing her only makes him more dogged in keeping harm away. A large number of facts that previously remained hidden are gradually revealed, and I found several details to be surprising. With the story being shorter than a novel, not every scene is fully played out. But enough information is given to let the reader know what led to present happenings. There are secondary characters who definitely need to tell their story, and I hope there are lots more books in the compelling Alpha Crew series.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Alpha Crew

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  March 28, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zfwdwxv

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.lauragriffin.com/

Rating: 4 Stars


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