Enchanted Warrior by Sharon Ashwood

51gnSAWul5LImaginative developments and colorful characters make the first book in the Camelot Reborn miniseries constantly enthralling. The legend of Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table gets a creative twist when Sharon Ashwood gives them the chance to prove their bravery in the modern world. One of the most well-known knights, Gawain, comes back to life, ready to fight for what he believes is right. I have always been fascinated with this fable, wondering about any truths connected to it. After reading Ms. Ashwood’s ideas of what this individual might have been like long ago and the traits that he still possesses, I am even more in love with this fascinating myth. ENCHANTED WARRIOR is an unforgettable romantic story filled with riveting adventures.

When Tamsin Greene is confronted by a man inside a church located at Medievaland Theme Park where she works, he wants answers to several questions. As a historian, she does know much about the authentic structure which has been brought from England to the United States, but the strange actions of Gawain frighten her at first. His inquiry about tombs connected to the church does intrigue Tamsin, making her wish to uncover what happened to everything that is now missing. Though the man says he will be back to learn what she comes across, anything found out will be for her benefit, not his.

Gawain was a Knight of the Round Table and lived many years ago, but a spell by Merlin made him sleep until his services are needed once more. And they are currently necessary, as a long-lasting disagreement with the faery is about to cause much trouble to humans. Since time is short before these beings start causing even more chaos, Gawain must find the other knights who also served with King Arthur as they are the only ones who might be able to defeat this powerful enemy. But when he realizes Tamsin is a witch, he wonders whose side she will be on.

After reading ENCHANTED WARRIOR, I am very eager to learn what Sharon Ashwood will have happening in future Camelot Reborn stories. Her ingenious blending of incidents in the past with events in the twenty-first century results in a story which is believable with frightening possibilities. Supernatural beings with evil intentions are harming humans, and it is up to a group of knights who previously fought to protect the innocent to once again take up their swords and be prepared to die for a cause. Ms. Ashwood had me convinced that every scene could have occurred just as depicted, regardless of what type of creature appears or the abilities it had. When any individuals who might have lived long ago show up, I was excited to see how the author would portray them.

The relationship of Gawain and Tamsin is certainly complicated. Luckily, the spell put upon the knight let him be familiar with his new surroundings when he awakened, so this was not a problem for them to overcome. But her being a witch is a major obstacle for him, as he has a reason to mistrust the powers of someone like her. A knight is an all-time favorite hero for me, and Gawain definitely has all the qualities that make a man a true champion. Tamsin is also a wonderful heroine, as she can be gutsy yet is also compassionate when a situation calls for it. Passionate people, these two know what they want and are not afraid to go after their heart’s desire. The second book is highly anticipated. Originality makes ENCHANTED WARRIOR memorable.

Received copy from author

Series:  Camelot Reborn

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  February 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jodvw6m

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.sharonashwood.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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