Fall Into Love

51vaz5cxmblCharming characters and enchanting plots can be found in each story featured in FALL INTO LOVE, where entertainment is guaranteed. There is a new story from Melody Anne, plus four more recently released books from Sara Rider, Samantha Joyce, L.E. Bross and Rachel Goodman. Also included are excerpts from either upcoming stories or other connected books to a series. If you like your romances to be overflowing with emotions and often some witty conversations or clever retorts, then these five stories are a great way to experience some delightful reading pleasure.


“Once Taken” by Melody Anne

Though Jenna Pine did not plan on returning to Sterling, Montana, inheriting an inn from a great-aunt has her eager to become a business owner and also gives her a chance to finally be happier. While she enjoys fixing up the old inn which holds many good memories, there are some aspects of being back home that she never wants to recall. But when a painful part of her past reappears, Jenna hopes things do not end like last time.

A return to Sterling and its matchmaking citizens is always a treat, and Melody Anne makes her second chance story definitely steamy and emotional. Jenna just wants a new start, but she did not think someone with whom she has history would be involved.  “Once Taken” is a compelling romance with likable characters and lots of heated sexual encounters.

“For the Win” by Sara Rider

When her dream of being a champion soccer player becomes a reality, Lainey Lukas is determined to keep racking up the wins. A severe injury has not stopped her, and there is no way another team from Seattle will keep her own team from playing professionally. Just because the captain of the men’s team is someone whom she once idolized and still thinks is very good-looking, it does not mean she will ever let him get the better of her.

With its compelling romance and large number of spirited characters, “For the Win” is constantly engaging. Sara Rider interweaves sports with a complicated love story, and the results are often humorous yet also filled with genuine emotions and enthusiastic desire. Lainey and Gabe are strong-minded and frequently at odds with each other, and I really enjoyed their quick-witted banter while they were coming to know more about each other.

“Flirting with Fame” by Samantha Joyce

Even though Elsie Jameson has written three young adult books, very few people actually know she wrote the popular series. Since an accident caused her to be deaf, it made her want to avoid the recognition connected with being an author. But when another individual says she has written the series, Elsie wonders if she can keep her identity hidden any longer or whether the truth will finally come out.

Sometimes circumstances force people to adjust their life, and Elsie is certainly going through many changes, as she is starting college and must deal with a dilemma associated with her books. I totally enjoyed her journey to just being herself and taking full responsibility for her actions. “Flirting with Fame” by Samantha Joyce is particularly emotional with heartfelt moments.

“Right Where You Are” by L.E. Bross

The punishment Avery Hartley receives for destroying her cheating boyfriend’s truck is several hundred hours of community service, and will regretfully consume much of her time in the coming days. Seth Hunter can reduce his prison sentence if he agrees to do three months of community service, and he ends up working with a girl who intrigues him. As they come in contact day after day, Seth and Avery come to realize there is much more to the other than they first thought.

L.E. Bross had me truly caring for her main characters from the start, and my concern for these two only increased as I learned additional facts. The relationship of Seth and Avery is sometimes playful and teasing, yet they still go through a wide range of sentiments while they explore what is growing between them. “Right Where You Are” is profoundly affecting with realistic reactions and a fascinating couple.

“From Scratch” by Rachel Goodman

After moving from Dallas to Chicago, Lillie Turner never missed the family diner where she was a great cook but worked way too much. Yet a message from her father has her hurriedly returning home, only to learn she has been tricked by him and now must take part in a baking contest. Though Lillie has a dream job and a perfect boyfriend back in Chicago, she finds there are loads of fond memories to be recalled from when she lived much farther south.

Small town charm and lively characters cause “From Scratch” to be a pleasurable read, while the amusing comments and thoughts are undeniably comical. I laughed often because of the hilarious visuals in the story, while the more poignant scenes were very touching. Rachel Goodman has created a fun romance about discovering what is most important in life.

Copy received from publisher via NetGalley

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  October 17, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jby42tp

Genre:  Contemporary

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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