Fatal Promise by Dianna Love

51xM8--DNSL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Whenever the Slye Temp operatives go on a mission, there is always the chance of not making it back alive, and the stakes have never been higher than in the sixth book of the series. The personal cost plus circumstances that could drastically affect the whole world have all the characters I have come to love facing impossible odds of everything turning out successfully. Five couples have been lucky enough to find that special someone in the previous books, but two individuals have resisted the powerful attraction each has felt since their first meeting. I have been eager for the story of Gage and Sabrina, as they may appear to never agree on anything, yet their inner feelings are telling them something much different. Dianna Love has teased us with their complex connection since the series began, and she delivers a riveting story centered on their relationship and what each is willing to do when adversity strikes. Though this is the final book in the Slye Temp series, these likable characters and their fascinating missions will long be remembered. FATAL PROMISE enthralls with imaginative developments.

Danger is always a possibility in her career choice, as Sabrina Slye owns Slye Temp Agency which does covet work for the U.S. government. But when threats are caused by an agent in the CIA whose actions resulted in putting her own team at risk, she vows to make certain it never occurs again. After several years, it finally seems like her wish to see him pay may finally be about to happen. When Gage Laughton, another CIA agent with whom she has closely worked, shows up again and wants to resume their relationship, Sabrina thinks it is too risky to be involved with anybody in the agency that deceived her.

Though Gage warns Sabrina that she is being targeted by someone unknown, she has no intention of hiding and will fight if the person comes after her. While she told her former lover to stay away, he cannot let the one woman who means much to him confront an enemy alone. When it becomes apparent just how much peril Sabrina is in, Gage and her Slye Temp team are ready to do battle. After a brutal scheme is set in motion, it becomes a race against time if disaster is to be averted.

FATAL PROMISE is cleverly original and very intriguing. While the wait may have been long until the relationship of Gage and Sabrina was explored, their story satisfied my every wish. There is definitely lots of danger which could have been tragic for not only the Slye Temp team but also countless others. How this group of operatives works seamlessly together shows what makes them the best when it comes to being victorious. The camaraderie they share has them trusting one another when it counts, as lives could have been lost many times. Sabrina has put together a resourceful bunch of individuals, whose determination and loyalty never wavers. The ongoing plan of several merciless people plays out with suspenseful situations that often left me breathless, and how a prophecy is worked into the plot is creative.

Gage and Sabrina are a couple whose personal clashes kept me wanting more, and Dianna Love certainly delivers in giving them a story packed with conflict and sexual tension. I never knew how either would respond when challenged by the other, but I did know their reactions would be convincingly believable. Sometimes I was happy with their decisions and other times I fretted over any consequences. This kept me reading page after page to see where their choices would lead them. Dianna Love has stated there is a new upcoming romantic series, and I am thrilled.

Copy received from author

Series:  Slye Temp – Book 6

Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC

Releases:  June 28, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/j5vcpsb

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  https://www.authordiannalove.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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  1. Another amazing review! Thank you so much for the time and care you put into crafting reviews. I really appreciate being featured on Always Reviewing. This is a wonderful blog location and it’s all because of the heart you put into it. 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the encouraging comments, Dianna. You have made me a very happy reviewer! Also, I so glad you have more romantic suspense stories coming out.

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