Fly Away with Me by Susan Fox

The picturesque setting and unique individuals in the first book of the Blue Moon Harbor series come alive because of skillful wording and colorful descriptions. What is seen while flying over actual places in the Gulf Islands near Victoria, British Columbia makes me want to visit this beautiful area, and getting to know the many inhabitants in the small fictional town left me thinking they would make great neighbors. Characters created by Susan Fox are always very true-to-life, and the many highs and lows they must face when love unexpectedly enters their life is shown with much realism. Regardless of what is taking place, my own feelings were constantly being affected because of how connected I felt to these likable people. FLY AWAY WITH ME is an emotional journey of determining what is truly important in life.

Though the scenery Eden Blaine first saw after landing in Vancouver is stunning, she has not come to do sightseeing. Her mother is desperate to locate a sister who has not been heard from for years, and finding the missing woman could lift the spirits of her ill parent. Eden’s aunt came to Destiny Island back in the 1960’s to join a commune, and there was no further contact. With no real leads, the Ottawa lawyer plans to talk with some of the older residents that might perhaps remember her relative.

Getting to the bed and breakfast where she will be staying while in Blue Moon Harbor is achieved by flying on a seaplane, and Aaron Gabriel is the pilot. When he hears the reason that Eden has come to the area, he offers to assist her since he knows most of the locals. Because she does not have much time to search, agreeing to let him introduce her to folks will be beneficial. Although her long-time boyfriend is now out of her life, she is not interested is starting a new relationship. But having a short fling with the enticing pilot might just fit into her schedule.

There is plenty of drama all throughout FLY AWAY WITH ME, where family matters and personal wishes collide. Eden is a very loyal daughter because the health problems of her mother come first. Putting the needs of those whom she loves before her own wants is always her main concern, but upon meeting Aaron, she dreams of a future that she knows is impossible. He may have a much different philosophy from Eden when it comes to love, but he surprisingly still finds himself being profoundly drawn to her. I was often held spellbound as I watched these two hopefully work through the many troubles that could keep them from forming a lasting relationship. The dilemmas tossed their way are certainly realistic, as what caused them to worry could arise in the life of anyone.

Emotions run high in the story, and Susan Fox depicts responses with honest reactions and heartfelt discussions. Whether a situation pertains to the romance between Eden and Aaron, or relates to an unforeseen family predicament, every situation comes across as believable. The mystery of what happened to the aunt is cleverly handled, and I kept hoping for a happy ending. There are more books to come in the Blue Moon Harbor series, and I am very eager for the next story being released later this year.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Blue Moon Harbor

Publisher:  Zebra

Releases:  June 25, 2017


Genre:   Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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