For Better or Worse by Lauren Layne

51yTBgxTkaL._SY346_Much laughter can be found in the second book of The Wedding Belles series. Humorous comments and comical situations caused lots of loud chuckles, and some of the more inventive phrases certainly made the incidents even more amusing to me. Yet scattered amongst all the good times is an underlying reminder of what can happen in real life, and how one event can greatly affect a person from that day onward. Lauren Layne tackles an emotional issue, and the resulting love story is truly rewarding. FOR BETTER OR WORSE entertains with particularly appealing characters plus an enchanting premise.

Although Heather Fowler grew up in Michigan, she had a huge desire to one day live in New York City. It has not always been the easiest of journeys, but all her hard work appears it might be about to pay off. Hopefully, she will be the newest wedding planner at Wedding Belles, where arranging details for this special occasion is renowned. When Heather gets the opportunity to prove she is actually worthy of receiving the position, she will let nothing stop her from being an outstanding planner. But doing her best is not always without challenges, especially when the man in a nearby apartment likes practicing with his band at night, thus keeping her from getting much needed rest after running about Manhattan carrying out the wishes of a demanding bride.

A life-altering illness caused Josh Tanner to become a much different person. Gone are the days of working in the financial district, as his time is now devoted to his band and just enjoying an active social life. When he first meets the woman who moved in next door, Heather comes across as snappy and lacks a sense of humor. Since Josh is feeling kind of restless at the moment, her quick-witted banter brings some joy into his life. Though he is insistent about not ever settling down with one woman, Heather starts wondering if there is any way to change his firm conviction.

By the time FOR BETTER OR WORSE was completed, I felt as though I had been subjected to a multitude of emotions. From all the laughing I did, Lauren Layne definitely wrote plenty of hilarious episodes for her characters to experience. While Heather had her own sharp mind and could reply with some original retorts, it is several of the very unique quips made by Josh that I will long remember. He could make up such clever remarks in an instant, and each one was perfect for that moment. But there is also much heartbreak in his past, and how he lets it influence his current reactions is very realistic. Anyone ever touched in some way by cancer knows what an impact it can have on so many lives, and the author excellently handles all aspects dealing with this illness.

Since Heather had been met in the previous books of the series, I already knew what a delightful person she was at all times. In FOR BETTER OR WORSE, I really got some insight into her winning personality. She tries to make the best of any situation that comes along, and I liked her positive attitude. As for Josh, he seems to be a care-free individual, yet hides his worrisome side from everyone. These two make a fabulous couple, and their passionate natures lead to steamy and very enthusiastic sex. Many secondary characters are once again likable from beginning to end. FOR BETTER OR WORSE causes an abundance of grins along with some heartfelt compassion, and possibly a few tears.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  The Wedding Belles – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  August 30, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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