Forever a Father by Lynne Marshall

The Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach miniseries begins with a story about two people who felt betrayed in their previous relationships. Now Dr. Daniel Delaney and Keela O’Mara are very wary of becoming involved with anyone else, and this has them holding back when they come in contact, though there are so many aspects that draw them closer whenever they are together. As the lives of Daniel and Keela keep interconnecting on a professional level, they wonder if seeing each other outside of work is worth the risk. Lynne Marshall manages to pull me into every scene in FOREVER A FATHER, where characters are always genuine and any emotions are heartfelt.

After his life plans changed because of an unforeseen event, Dr. Daniel Delaney decided to return to his hometown and open a clinic for physical medicine. He is glad when new patients come to his practice located in the coastal town of Sandpiper Beach, California, and the physical therapist whom he hired is very capable. Keela O’Mara even puts up with his frequently cranky behavior, which Daniel knows is not deserved yet she never complains.

There are moments when painful memories haunt him, so the doctor tries to keep his focus on business and stay busy. One afternoon, the young daughter of Keela ends up spending some time with Daniel at work, and though he is not thrilled about the interruption in his plans, the lively four-year-old is easy to entertain. Now if he could just stop thinking about the girl’s mother whenever their paths cross, his days would be greatly improved.

Often, an individual has a difficult time moving on after being deeply affected by an agonizing incident. While Keela may not be ready to let a man back into her life just yet, she does get much pleasure from raising her daughter, Anna, and also now has steady work. Daniel is excited with how his new clinic is growing, but bad past recollections keep him from ever feeling truly happy. As facts are gradually disclosed about what occurred to these two before they met, I came to understand what caused many of their reactions to certain situations. What Daniel and Keela have experienced is very true-to-life, and Lynne Marshall takes them on a soul-searching journey filled with unexpected revelations.

I laughed when circumstances were lighthearted, and several moments when Anna is featured were especially cheerful. The conduct of this little girl had me smiling often, as the author made her charmingly convincing. There were also some serious events in the story, and I was touched by the sincerity portrayed by Daniel and Keela during any somber times. FOREVER A FATHER is exceedingly realistic, as every detail is believable. I quickly became caught up this couple’s quest to find lasting joy, and I thought their numerous emotional entanglements could actually happen to someone. There is another book about Daniel’s intriguing brother coming out next, and it sounds particularly interesting.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Delaneys of Sandpiper Beach – Book 1

Publisher:  Harlequin Special Edition

Releases:  February 20, 2018


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars



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