Forever In Her Eyes by Karen Rose Smith

51bgRl0Q1FLOverflowing with heartfelt emotions, the ninth book in the Search For Love series cleverly blends real life drama with a fascinating touch of the supernatural. The surviving members of two families knew their lives would be radically changed after the deaths of loved ones. But what they did not foresee is how the consequences of a thoughtful action would greatly impact them years later. Karen Rose Smith has a knack for assembling all the right circumstances to create a convincing plus moving story, and FOREVER IN HER EYES is one of her most compelling books to date.

An accident took the lives of those closest to Melanie Carlotti, and the loss of her vision only added to the heartbreak of this tragic incident. When a transplant restores her eyesight, it seems to have triggered an extra ability. While Melanie is very thankful for being able to see once again, she is confused by the reoccurring dreams of an unknown man that plague her almost nightly. Though she has no idea of his name, she feels a mysterious link to him.

With few clues to go on and nobody to help, Melanie comes to the conclusion a psychic might be the person who can best assist her. Her hunch proves successful, as revealed information leads to Zack Morgan. When her career as an interior decorator makes it easy to meet the husband of the deceased donor, she hopes to discover the meaning behind what she has been dreaming. Undertaking a project for the businessman gives Melanie the opportunity to be around Zack and his young daughter, but she keeps the information about the transplant to herself. The pull between the couple is very powerful, and how they react to these unexpected feelings will influence their future decisions.

When I read a story by Karen Rose Smith, I know there will always be emotional issues that tug at the heart and lots of appealing characters. In FOREVER IN HER EYES, situations constantly come across as extremely poignant because of realistic writing. Ms. Smith takes Zack and Melanie on an emotional journey, and I felt as though I was there experiencing each stirring incident right along with them. I was deeply affected by what both of them have gone through since the two unrelated accidents, especially since every event seemed conceivable. Losing someone close is always very difficult, and the way in which their family members died caused them to be even more distraught. There was never a time when I did not get a sense of what Zack and Melanie were feeling, as each moment is filled with plenty of vivid descriptions.

The paranormal aspects in FOREVER IN HER EYES are conveyed with believability, and I came to think every intriguing occurrence featuring something magical could perhaps happen as portrayed. How two people could be connected because of a transplant would be truly fascinating if it was true, and Ms. Smith makes the fictional seem like a reality. Like in many of the author’s stories, there are family conflicts to resolve, and I was eager to see how these matters would be resolved. An adorable little girl appears from time to time, and her antics made me smile. Another wonderful story from Karen Rose Smith.

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Series:  Search For Love – Book 9

Publisher:  Self

Releases:  September 12, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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