Furious Rush by S. C. Stephens

51FicbxfPhLAlthough motorcycle racing is a sport that I do not follow, S. C. Stephens made me want to know more about this exciting activity. With colorful descriptions and factual accounts, I got an excellent idea of what the characters were experiencing while preparations are made for upcoming races. I also sensed the joy of doing laps against a competitor, where hearts beat faster because adrenaline is pumping. While what occurs on the track is interesting, the numerous issues between contenders are just as thrilling. When hearts become involved in these matters, I never knew if the result would be agonizing or joyful.  Emotional conflicts keep escalating in FURIOUS RUSH, where nothing is guaranteed until the last moment.

Motorcycle racing has always been a part of Mackenzie Cox’s life because her father raced professionally. Now she finally has the chance to demonstrate that her abilities might be even better than many men in the sport. Though most would more than likely say she will never be an unbeatable racer, Kenzie plans to prove all the skeptics are wrong by making certain Cox Racing wins another championship. Unfortunately, a new opponent on a rival team believes she will never beat him on any track.

As a previous street racer, Hayden Hayes knows countless tricks that have led to a number of victories. With him now being hired to be a professional rider, he will be using all his skills to continue his winning streak. Kenzie is equally determined to finish at the top, especially when her dad’s team really needs to have more money coming in. Any time Hayden and her interact, their conversations end up as a verbal battle. While a powerful sexual vibe can always be felt when they are together, there is no way Kenzie will act on it. She just has to keep reminding herself that someone working for the other team is absolutely off limits. Yet to eventually win races, she may wind up agreeing to something forbidden.

By the time I completed FURIOUS RUSH, I certainly knew much about racing a motorcycle on a track or even secretively at night. Just like any sport where speed is a major factor, danger could happen at any time. But with little to protect the riders, this type of racing is very risky, and the author had me feeling worried on different occasions. When engines accelerate in FURIOUS RUSH, my heart rate also steadily increased. There is always much competition amongst the various teams, but an ongoing vendetta causes the clashes with one opponent to be more combative than normal.

With Kenzie and Hayden caught in the middle of this dispute, they must face some very difficult situations plus make tough choices. I really felt for Hayden, as no one seems to trust him. But I gradually came to realize what his cocky attitude was hiding. Kenzie repeatedly feels the need to show she is a good rider, as not many think she can actually come close to winning against all men. This sometimes made her appear brash. S. C. Stephens makes a lasting relationship for Hayden and Kenzie definitely challenging. With their competitive natures, neither likes loosing, whether it relates to motorcycles or their personal lives. They are passionate individuals, and sex is often explosively heated. Lots of family dynamics goes on in the story, and it had me not very fond of a few individuals. The ending left me wondering if there is more to come about these characters, as I would like more information about several crucial topics concerning the future of Hayden and Kenzie.

Copy received from NetGalley

Publisher:  Forever

Releases:  August 23, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/hh5p559

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://authorscstephens.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

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