Golden Man by Ann Major

Misconceptions and unspoken feelings are at the center of what has kept a relationship between two people from ever growing into something much more. Blade Taylor and Jenny Zachery genuinely liked each other when younger, but neither would act upon how they felt except for the single time when they just could not hold back their passion. Now they are older yet not much wiser when it comes to expressing their attraction for each other, and this story tells of the roller coaster journey traveled when they meet once again. I so wanted these two to finally have the happiness that they have long desired, but nothing comes easy for them. Ann Major fills her Men of the West story with a wide range of emotions and stirring developments, making GOLDEN MAN constantly poignant.

Since Jenny Zachery was the daughter of local preacher living in Zachery Falls, Texas, she had to carefully watch her conduct and make certain to follow every rule as stipulated while growing up. Later she married a man who was respected in the town, and even after his death, she felt compelled to keep behaving appropriately. But lately, Jenny has thought something is missing in her life, as she is always working to keep the ranch and resort that she oversees profitable.

The one time when Jenny gave in to her passionate nature, Blade Taylor had been the man with whom she let her inner feelings show. But he had left town, and she married his brother. When Blade returns after being away for years, he has come back for a specific purpose. Because his reason involves Jenny and the ranch, he wonders what type of reaction he will receive from her.

Both Jenny and Blade secretly wished to live a much different life than the one that they actually did while growing up. She knew going against the way in which she was strictly raised would cause problems, but she would have liked to not always have been the “good” girl, especially when it involved Blade. Her feelings for him left her confused as a teenager, and she is even more bewildered when he returns years later. He had a terrible childhood, and the judgmental residents of their small Texas town never let him forget how he grew up. I certainly hope I never blame someone for something they have no control over, as I saw how much it disturbed Blade as a child and adult. I ached right along with him when he tried to make it seem as though he was not affected by gossip, but truly did feel hurt. I never knew how Jenny and Blade would respond to what was happening in the story, and sometimes they reacted in a surprising manner. GOLDEN MAN is often heartbreakingly emotional. Ann Major makes her characters the kind of individuals for whom you care, and I really wanted this couple to be contented when the book ended.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the author, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Men of the West – Book 4

Publisher:  Major Press LLC

Releases:  February 19, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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