Her Baby, His Love by Lynne Marshall

Situations filled with a wide variety of circumstances can be found all throughout HER BABY, HIS LOVE, where realism makes every single moment believable. There are instances that made me laugh, while other happenings tugged at my heart. The main couple in the story may be unalike in many ways, yet they both feel rather alone and would secretly like to be with someone special. Lynne Marshall takes two individuals on a journey packed with highs and lows, and I was deeply touched by each of the conceivable events.

Even though Taylor Clark had only been dating her boyfriend for two months, their relationship was one which she thought might finally end up lasting. Yet he turned out to be just another liar when she learns he is marrying someone else. Feeling hurt and dejected, Taylor decides to put memories of the deceitful cheater behind her by moving to Montana where she has found work because of her nursing degree. Upon arriving in a quaint town named Charity, she only wants to fit in and perhaps be happy.

After too many disastrous incidents with men in her past, Taylor feels avoiding all of them is for the best. Yet she keeps interacting with one particular man living in the town, and Joe Collins leaves her flustered yet intrigued. He is attracted to her, yet the ex-con plans to keep those feelings to himself, at least for a time. But with them continuously being around each other, they grow closer. When Taylor finds out her previous relationship resulted in a pregnancy, she is stunned and certainly in need of a friend, and Joe is more than willing to be there for her.

When life’s plans do not go as expected, a person often has to make some drastic choices. Taylor has made a big mistake which causes her to move away from the painful source, and she dreams of having a great job and possibly making some good friends. Just when these two goals are being achieved, her life is once again turned upside down after discovering she is pregnant. Though Joe still seems like he will be her friend, as he knows all about needing support after some bad decisions, Taylor has lost her faith in men. I really liked how Lynne Marshall made the couple very true-to-life, as the direction in which their feelings guide them could take a bad turn or lead to much pleasure. I hurt right along with them when they mentally suffered, and I felt joy when they were truly content.

HER BABY, HIS LOVE captures the interest on every engaging page. The relationship of Joe and Taylor is not your conventional boy meets girl and then they fall in love. While they do share plenty of positive sentiments about each other, fear of becoming involved again has her leaving much unsaid, while he does not act on how he feels in order to not be pushed away. His being an ex-con is shown in ways that had me knowing exactly what type of man he really is despite his background, and I admired how he tried to make himself better as it showed great effort on his part. Ms. Marshall has created not only a compelling romance, but the story is also very entertaining with fascinating secondary characters. The Montana setting and small town charm had me enjoying the book even more.

I voluntarily reviewed the book via NetGalley, and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Tule Publishing

Releases:  March 27. 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/hexm5z3

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://lynnemarshall.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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