Her Colton P.I. by Amelia Autin

518MiG4Jk+LIn the fifth book of The Coltons of Texas continuity, danger could happen at any time to one woman, while the murderous rampage by the Alphabet Killer continues. The new case for an experienced private investigator causes him way too many painful memories, but the safety of three individuals means more than not reliving his troubled past. From the very start, my thoughts were completely caught up in what would happen to the compassionate P.I. and the mother who would do anything for her children. Amelia Autin contributes an enthralling installment to The Coltons of Texas series, where one personal issue after another tugs at the heart. The emotional realism in HER COLTON P.I. is truly remarkable.

After hearing the facts of how their daughter-in-law suddenly left and took her twin sons with her, Chris Colton is determined to personally locate the woman who devastated her in-laws. Holly McCay is now the trustee of her late husband’s money, which will go to the two boys when they are older. But the grandparents fear she will misuse the funds, plus they just want to see the toddlers before they get any older. Since Chris was a foster child, he knows the importance of family while growing up.

Though it is not too difficult for Chris to find where Holly is presently living, he decides to learn her side of the story before informing his clients of her whereabouts. When he does confront her and hears what is going on, he realizes the woman that is supposed to be devious is actually in danger from the scheming older couple. Now Chris needs to have evidence which will provide the truth, while also making certain Holly and her sons remain safe.

Every story created by Amelia Autin has particularly true-to-life characters. Regardless of whether they have good intentions or their motives are deceitful, the behavior of each person comes across as completely convincing. Chris has lived through many traumatic incidents, and several still deeply affect his current life. Being the son of a serial killer made it difficult for him to make close friends, and his foster family did not always make things easy either. So I really admired him for doing everything he could to make himself a respectful citizen, despite what others in the community may have thought. While his business may be successful, Chris seldom takes time for any social life.

When he encounters Holly, his gut instinct and careful observations lead him to make correct deductions about her situation. She is refreshingly honest with the clever P.I., and I certainly enjoyed their many enlightening conversations. The danger she is facing is chillingly real, as sometimes greed is a powerful motivator for being ruthless. Her relationship with Chris is also portrayed with lifelike developments, where emotions come into play and cause candid responses. Their relationship is beautifully depicted with much sincerity and plenty of sensual desire. Love for her two boys is evident in numerous ways, and I was often moved by how Holly reacted to a situation that involved all three of them.

New information comes to light about two of the ongoing mysteries in The Coltons of Texas series, and I was definitely shocked by how one dilemma was resolved. Though some answers have been revealed, there are still plenty of problems to work through before everyone in Granite Gulch, Texas can rest easy. HER COLTON P.I. is an emotional adventure filled with compelling discoveries.

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Series:  The Coltons of Texas

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  May 1, 2016

Purchase:   http://tinyurl.com/zk83z6k

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.ameliaautin.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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