Her Forever Hero by Melody Anne

518f5kOqfQL._SY346_Choices made when younger can often greatly affect a person for years and possibly even a lifetime. Bad decisions may have destroyed the budding relationship of Camden Whitman and Grace Sinclair in the latest Unexpected Heroes story, but the couple is given the chance to reconnect if they can once again trust each other. Melody Anne always packs her romances with conflicts that challenge her main characters to look deep within themselves for answers. HER FOREVER HERO is emotionally compelling with insightful reactions.

After being gone from Sterling, Montana for ten years, Grace Sinclair comes back to her hometown with plans to stay. Very few memories of her time there are good, and seeing the man that she never got out of her thoughts is especially difficult. Though the relationship between Camden Whitman and Grace might perhaps have led to marriage, both reacted without talking things out and she thinks it is too late for them to get back together. She definitely does not intend on letting him into her life now that she is back in the area.

When it appears Grace could be accused of illegal dealings linked to a nonprofit organization, Cam is more than willing to help prove her innocence using his knowledge as a lawyer. But their past history makes her want nothing to do with him, even when he insists on aiding her. Cam has started to dream of getting married like his two brothers, and while he thinks Grace is the woman with whom he could have an enjoyable future, she just keeps pushing him away. When her situation becomes more complicated, he hopes working together to clear her name brings the realization that they could be a couple again.

Whether someone is just great friends with another person or if they are part of a family, I can always sense the genuine feelings between these individuals because of Melody Anne’s skillful way of writing. The Unexpected Heroes series often concerns what someone will do for those deeply cared about, and Cam certainly has his work cut out for himself when it comes to Grace. Since his frame of mind is much different now than it was when younger, he knows she is the one that he wants in his life, while his previous betrayal keeps her running away from him when things get too personal. Throughout their complex relationship, I respected Cam for trying so hard to demonstrate he is a changed man. At first, I wondered why Grace was not willing to give him a chance after so many apologizes, but new details do shed light on her behavior. While these two may not always be able to have an enlightening conversation, their sex life is filled with much passion and spontaneity.

Many past characters of the series show up and offer advice, encouragement and their assistance to Cam and Grace. I really like the way in which his family rallies around each other when needed, and their support is certainly necessary more than once in HER FOREVER HERO. The mystery of what is happening to Grace keeps building, and some revelations are very shocking. While most everything in her life is resolved, there is one matter that I hope to discover more about in a future story. The book ends with an issue relating to Cam’s brother, Michael, and I am really eager to learn what takes place next. Melody Anne writes enchantingly romantic stories, and HER FOREVER HERO is truly captivating.

Series:  Unexpected Heroes

Copy received from publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  February 23, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/j2ptqmq

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://melodyanne.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

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