Hold Me Close by J.H. Croix

Whether this is the first time reading about a picturesque community in Alaska or a repeat visit with characters featured in the Last Frontier Lodge series, there is never a feeling of being lost. In the seventh book, the path a couple must take to find happiness is filled with lots of hurdles and genuine emotions. I always feel as though I am watching individuals with whom I am actually acquainted when a book by J.H. Croix is read, and the two main characters in HOLD ME CLOSE are definitely believable plus likable. As the story unfolds, Owen Manning and Ivy Nash find themselves in situations where they need to admit what they want in life and then decide if they are willing to go after it.

It is the hope of Ivy Nash that she will be offered a position with Off the Grid Engineering located in Diamond Creek, Alaska. She knows working at the elite firm will be rewarding, so she wants to make a good impression during her interview with the owner, Owen Manning. When the two meet in his office, she has no clue as to her effect on him, as he keeps his inner thoughts from showing and seems in total command of his feelings. With her capable background, Owen hires Ivy, and his plans are to make sure their relationship remains completely professional and not think about her in a lustful way.

As Ivy prepares to throw herself into her research, she hopes it once again consumes her, because how the company’s owner makes her feel anytime he is around needs to be ignored. Owen cannot stop his attraction to his newest researcher, and his longing doubles when their discussions prove she is very knowledgeable about subjects in which he is interested. When he kisses her without any warning, they are not prepared for how it affects them. Owen and Ivy know staying focused on their projects is what they should do, yet that one taste ignites their craving for possibly something more sexual.

In HOLD ME CLOSE, there are numerous interactions between previous characters and this story’s couple, Owen and Ivy, and it was great seeing what was going on in their lives. When Ivy was first met, I could tell she was very smart plus determined. Yet there is a vulnerable side to her which causes her to have doubts, and I really wanted her goals to be reached in order to see her joyful. Owen appears to be self-assured in every way, yet he also has some hidden fears. As these two navigate their way through the issues that arise in their relationship, I worried over how they would respond to some of the more challenging incidents. There is one big complication in Ivy’s life, and the problems it causes are sadly all too true in today’s world.

The Alaskan setting is vividly described and made me want to visit. There are several actual places mentioned, and this added realism to an already convincing story. HOLD ME CLOSE is an emotionally impassioned journey from beginning to end.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and these comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Last Frontier Lodge – Book 7

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  January 19, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/z79jbrs

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://jhcroix.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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