Holiday in Your Heart by Susan Fox

51uu0dwmgflMany of the delightful residents who live in Caribou Crossing make an appearance in the eighth and final book in the series named for the quaint fictional town in Canada, and the Christmas season makes the story doubly enchanting. With a little background given about each character, the reader will not be lost in case this is the first visit to the unique yet realistic town where dreams often come true. Susan Fox always manages to bring not only her characters to life but also makes the whole setting convincing, and I never doubted that each person in the series could actually exist. For the conclusion of the Caribou Crossing series, two people have very different objectives for what will happen in their futures, but sometimes long-held beliefs need to be reconsidered or happiness will never be within reach HOLIDAY IN YOUR HEART is charmingly believable with down-to-earth characters.

It took Mo Kincaid many months to finally follow through with his wish to atone for his bad behavior in the past. Getting on a bus and returning to Caribou Crossing is a huge step, as no one there will welcome the former citizen who drank too much plus was a terrible husband and father. But Mo has drastically changed since he left two decades ago, and he just wants to show to those whom he wronged that there is actually some decency in him now. With some luck, he will get the opportunity to apologize for his transgressions and not be told to leave.

Though there have been many men in Maribeth Stott’s life, there was never anyone with whom she wanted to have a lasting relationship or start a family. So with forty fast approaching, she has made the decision to have a baby using a doctor. Just as she begins making preparations, she meets Mo and both feel the connection. But they have entirely separate goals to hopefully attain before Christmas, and getting involved with each other is not on the list.

Whenever I get the chance to read about the folks who live in Caribou Crossing, it feels like I am visiting with some longtime friends. A number of individuals living in this small town have some personal issues to overcome, and Susan Fox takes them on a journey of self-discovery. Mo caused much heartache when he was younger, but he has grown wiser with age and wants to take responsibility for his past actions. Although he is not very optimistic about anyone forgiving him, he is still determined to carry out his plan. When he meets the positive thinking Maribeth plus an abandoned dog, his world is altered in ways he never imagined. There were numerous moments where confessions are made, and I waited breathlessly to see how his admissions would be received by her or those who were once close to him. Frequently, the relationship of Mo and Maribeth is joyful and filled with sexual gratification plus emotionally rewarding situations, yet her desire to have a baby is not something he wants. Ms. Fox certainly does not make things easy for them, just like it is in real life. HOLIDAY IN YOUR HEART is extremely candid when it comes to expressing feelings, thus making the story more compelling at all times.

With Christmas festivities taking place and holiday music often playing, the story repeatedly has a cheerful atmosphere. But like circumstances in the lives of actual people, there are also instances where my eyes got misty because a scene had such an emotional impact on me. Even though the series may be over, I will think back on Caribou Crossing with fond memories.

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Series:  Caribou Crossing

Publisher:  Zebra

Releases:  September 27, 2016


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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