Immortal Redeemed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

51V7SkecdsL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_A long time ago, a group called The Seven was formed and these immortals have lived for centuries. The oath they pledged to keep a sacred relic safe is being fulfilled, and now they also protect humans from Others whose intent is great harm. But one of them is ready for his long life to end, and his latest mission is to achieve this personal goal. The legend behind Galahad is cleverly interwoven into the fascinating paranormal story created by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, where myths about the noble knight of the Round Table become even more intriguing when he battles supernatural creatures. IMMORTAL REDEEMED is truly unforgettable because of its groundbreaking originality.

An immortal now known as Kellan Ladd has watched over humanity for many years, but the responsibility has left him weary and ready for his life to finally be over. There are six others like him, and each has carried out the obligations given to them after becoming Blood Knights. Though Kellan has diligently followed the vows he once made, he thinks the time has come for locating the only person who can make it possible for him to not live any longer. He is now on a mission to find this individual without letting any of the other Blood Knights know his decision.

Helping people brings McKenna Randall much satisfaction, and when she could not remain a cop because of an unfortunate incident, she became a nurse. One night after a grueling shift in the ER ends, she feels strangely drawn to a guy on a motorcycle outside the hospital and goes to speak with him. There seems to be something about the man that makes McKenna want to be around him though she knows it is unwise. Kellan plans to discover if she is the person who holds the secret to his future. But as he pursues his quest for this crucial answer, a large number of vampires also take an interest in McKenna and makes the circumstances even more challenging.

The whole concept behind the Blood Knights miniseries is innovative, and I was engrossed in IMMORTAL REDEEMED from beginning to conclusion. A knight of the Round Table is turned into a powerful warrior fighting despicable creatures, and I enjoyed every attention-grabbing detail that the author had me visualizing. Imaginative ideas are turned into realistic situations, as Linda Thomas-Sundstrom makes every moment seem so conceivable. I definitely wanted to accept many of the events happening as true, because then it would mean there are honorable individuals protecting humans without our knowledge. While the vampires in the story may be unpleasant, the author does let several werewolves display their more praiseworthy traits to my delight.

When Kellan made his way to Seattle, he had only one thought and that was terminating his life. But when he sees McKenna, he instantly begins having feelings he has not experienced in a very long time. While she may have a part to play in what happens to him, she also affects him and makes his emotions become involved. Their scenes together are some of the most intense I have ever read, especially those at first when the force of their sexual craving is so overwhelming. This mutual desire results in encounters filled with explosive passion yet also conflicted emotions. Kellan is such an honorable person, and I worried over what his final choice would end up being. McKenna has been through so much, and I admired how she would not give in despite the odds against her. IMMORTAL REDEEMED is everything a paranormal story should be and more.

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Series:  Blood Knights

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  April 1, 2016


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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