Journey to Honor by Alexa Aston

All the books in the Knights of Honor series are filled with realism, and the fourth story had me experiencing the mid 1300’s in countless ways. From daily routines to vindictive schemes, I got a feel for what it could have been like to live during this changing period in history. Alexa Aston depicts every scene with details that are very convincing, as I could easily envision the moment as described. Each character is not only distinctive but also portrays someone who could have existed in the medieval era because of their reactions and personalities. When a story comes across as true-to-life as those written by Alexa Aston, then I feel as though the circumstances could actually have happened. JOURNEY TO HONOR is continuously enthralling because of vividly imagined developments.

Although Kenric Fairfax was actually the first-born son to the Earl of Shadowfaire, his twin brother was raised as the heir because of a vindictive plot. Upon turning twenty-one, he went through the Order of Knighthood Ceremony, which should have resulted in a good position immediately. Sadly, an incident makes him feel the need to leave the area, and Kenric eventually ends up serving Lord Devereux. When he is sent to retrieve the sister-in-law of his liege lord, he is eager to carry out this important duty.

While Avelyn Le Cler enjoyed some of her time at court waiting on the queen, she is ready to see her sister and be present for the birth of her niece or nephew. As Kenric watches over the woman under his protection, he comes to realize she is a considerate and knowledgeable individual. When Avelyn learns the hidden secret about the man for whom she is coming to deeply care, she is torn about what to do with the decisive information.

From the instant I met Kenric and Avelyn, I thought of them as being people with whom I would like to be friends. I could tell they were always concerned for others, as both tried to help when needed. They were honest and unselfish, not like so many people during this time when they only thought about themselves. Kenric could definitely have turned out much different after suffering through such a painful childhood, but he took it upon himself to never give in to his heartaches, which made me respect him very much. Avelyn was a delight with her positive attitude, and I really liked how she was not one to give up when she was confident an idea was correct. A few doubts do creep into the minds of these two characters, and I breathlessly waited to see what they would decide in the end.

JOURNEY TO HONOR is about discovering the truth and then acting accordingly. Knights were supposed to be loyal and righteous, and Kenric has tried to live his life in this manner, even when situations went terribly wrong. I ached for him when certain facts became known, and cheered when an event left him happy. I did lots of smiling over how Avelyn responded to several incidents, and even wanted to applaud her reaction to one episode. Many past characters make appearances throughout the book, and whether their stories have been read or not, enough was told to keep the reader well informed and not lost. I am hoping there are many more medieval books written Alexa Aston.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Knights of Honor – Book 4

Publisher:  Dragonblade Publishing, Inc.

Releases:  June 27, 2007


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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  1. Hugs to Always Reviewing for being such a strong supporter of my Knights of Honor series! I’m so happy that you enjoyed Kenric & Avelyn’s love story throughout its twists and turns.

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