Kid Chaos by Zoe Dawson

Danger keeps escalating in the second SEAL Team Alpha story, while romantic entanglements unexpectedly come into the lives of two focused individuals. The backgrounds of Ashe Wilder and Paige Sinclair are complex, and both have chosen risky careers. Neither is looking for anything permanent when they meet, as she is on an important assignment while he needs to unwind. But they have dedicated their lives to helping others, so when threats increase, they are ready to put themselves in jeopardy to make certain good wins over evil. Zoe Dawson makes her stories about SEALs and the women who come to love them captivatingly believable at all times. I never knew what would happen next, but I did know that it would be imaginative with lots of detail. KID CHAOS is highly entertaining with dangerous exploits and scorching passion.

While he was deployed on a long secret mission, the girlfriend of Ashe Wilder found someone new because the Navy SEAL was constantly gone. So when the soldier known as Kid Chaos returns to the states, he learns their relationship is over. The next time he gets some time off, he decides to do some bike riding in the Andes mountains of Bolivia. Ashe uses a tour company in the country to set up his excursion, and he is ready for some high-energy outings.

The woman who checks him in is actually a NCIS agent covertly working to discover if weapons stolen in the U.S. have ended up in this region plus learn of anyone linked to the theft. When Paige Sinclair meets a new client, there is a potent attraction between them. Though she realizes her full concentration needs to be on the assignment, she sure would like to enjoy a brief fling with the tempting man. When an incident reveals their true identities, Ashe is ready to assist Paige regardless of whatever challenge arises.

Easily a standalone story because of thorough explanations, KID CHAOS begins where the first book in the series ended. The camaraderie amongst the elite group of SEALs is very evident, as their bond is shown with friendly putdowns and loyalty. They work very well when on a mission, as each person understands their responsibility. Military stories are always a favorite, and Zoe Dawson knows how to make these courageous individuals come across as admirable and certainly genuine. Whether they are fighting an enemy or providing companionship for their fellow soldiers, their responses are realistic.

Getting to know Ashe was especially enjoyable, as he has the most outgoing personality. From comments to actions, this lively man had me feeling a connection and wanting him to find someone special. While he may appear to be in good spirits, inside he feels the loss of past relationships. Paige has never taken the time to get really close to a man, as she had other duties which seemed more crucial. But after coming in contact with Ashe, she starts to question much about her life, just as he comes to do, too. I definitely liked how Ms. Dawson made her romantic couple tough when needed, yet also vulnerable to real life experiences. The story has several hints about the next book, and it also appears the SEAL team has more perilous future missions.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  SEAL Team Alpha – Book 2

Publisher:  Blue Moon Creative

Releases:  July 17, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars


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