Killer Countdown by Amelia Autin

51Yqay5eZFL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_There is always an abundance of sentiments in a story by Amelia Autin, and KILLER COUNTDOWN has heartfelt emotions from the opening scene until the very last event. The author makes certain any reactions are genuine, as I never stopped to wonder why a character would behave in a certain way. This commitment to accuracy has the latest Man on a Mission installment being not only riveting but also deeply affecting. I could easily sense what a character was feeling, and a wide range of emotions are definitely expressed in the story. There is plenty of dangerous peril from almost the beginning, and the jeopardy to Shane Jones and Carly Edwards only escalates as each hour passes. Though the reader is privy to some possible risks, I certainly did not know how episodes would turn out when plots were put into motion. As the threats increased, so did my unease of any incidents to come.

After suffering an unusual health problem, Senator Shane Jones receives a shocking verdict for his symptoms and cannot help but feel distraught. When he was no longer a US Marine and then became a senator from Colorado, he made it his goal to make good decisions at all times. Now he fears this career may be over, and for at least the present, Shane is going to keep his ailment a secret. Buy a clever TV reporter manages to learn what he is hiding.

When it comes to getting the news and letting the public know the facts, Carly Edwards is one of best. Yet what Shane reveals has her making a deal with him, one benefiting them both. But it is soon apparent there is even more pressing matters linked to the senator when several situations could have had deadly outcomes, and Carly becomes caught up in the circumstances. Not knowing the reason for the attacks, Shane can only speculate about the motive. Until facts are uncovered, he wants to keep Carly close, especially when it becomes evident both are being targeted.

From the start, KILLER COUNTDOWN drew me into every single aspect of the story. From an unexpected illness and all its potential consequences to the danger resulting from growing threats, I was eager to discover what would be the end result. Details about Shane’s physical troubles are realistic, and his responses are very candid. How Carly reacts to his condition is also convincing, as her feelings can often not be completely concealed. While this couple may not let their every inner thought become known to the other, they are refreshingly honest about many important occurrences that happen after they meet. Since I respected Shane and Carly so much, my concern for them was sincere. The one part of their relationship in which they are exceedingly upfront is how they connected sexually, where they put their whole hearts into any intimacy because of how much they cared.

Amelia Autin skillfully lets the reader know what peril might be in store for Shane and Carly, but nothing is ever assured until all plays out. The information given about those who want to cause harm to these two was just enough to let me get an idea of their aims, yet still did not divulge all the specifics. This had me constantly fearful for these likable individuals. Sometimes I love everything about the romantic couple, and this is certainly true for Shane and Carly. KILLER COUNTDOWN is intriguingly believable and emotional.

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Series:  Man on a Mission

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  August 1, 2016


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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