Kiss in the Dark by Sharon Ashwood

Since a ghost has always been a favorite paranormal being, I was very excited about the premise of the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop series. Though most situations in the previous three books have been about normal contemporary events, many of the incidents in the fourth story have a supernatural aspect to them. Sharon Ashwood has conceived numerous innovative ideas for her contribution to the series, and each one made me want to consider the possibility of the circumstances being true. KISS IN THE DARK is imaginatively original all the way through. Some of the current happenings in Corsair’s Cove just might be caused by a curse, and though no one is ready to admit that the legendary hauntings are real, some rather strange occurrences do take place at times. Every fact seems very genuine, and if a place actually had such an unusual past, I would definitely like to visit the area for a chance to interact with all the current residents and perhaps encounter something paranormal.

When Eloise Wilson came to Corsair’s Cove, Washington, she was thankful for the opportunity to have a place to live, because she has yet to find work after graduating from college. The rent-free room is located above the Red Gem’s Chocolates and Confections, the business a great-aunt willed to her and three other cousins. What Eloise did not expect was to find Captain Daniel Blackthorne, the town’s most famous ghost, was also living in the building. While she knows all too well that spirits live amongst us, since they became visible to her when younger, she wants the long-ago pirate gone and just hopes her protections can keep him away from her.

An upcoming Hallowe’en charity event sponsored by the chocolate shop will let Eloise use her marketing skills to aid in making a big profit, and she needs to concentrate on the event, not the persistent ghost in her apartment. But Daniel has to break the curse put upon him by midnight on the 31st, or he will lose everything. If he can help Eloise to fall in love, then he can save himself. Yet getting close enough to assist her is not easy when she makes him keep his distance.

The town of Corsair’s Cove is filled with a vast assortment of residents, and these individuals have their own personalities and behavior. None are more unique than Eloise, but she is hiding a painful past that she feels nobody would understand. I really felt for her, and was so hopeful that perhaps this move would be the one where she is finally accepted. With every interaction with Daniel, I could sense a change in them both. But with such huge challenges for them to face, I could not see a positive outcome for either of them. I simply adored Daniel from the moment he is met, and some of his responses are rather hilarious while others are dramatically serious. Eloise is someone who only wants to be loved for herself, and her fears and anguish came across as so realistic. I am so glad to have met the many appealing residents in the series, and am looking forward to my next visit. KISS IN THE DARK is intriguingly fascinating and very believable.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop – Book 4

Publisher:  Rowan & Ash Artistry

Releases:  September 30, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

One thought on “Kiss in the Dark by Sharon Ashwood”

  1. Amelia, I couldn’t agree more! My heart broke for Eloise and the pain of her past, and I was in awe of her determination and courage to create a new life in Corsair’s Cove. Also, like you, I adore Daniel Blackthorne!
    Thanks for such a wonderful review of a great story.

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