Kiss on the Beach by Shelley Adina

With each new story in the Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop series, additional facts are learned about a town with a very colorful history. Since Corsair’s Cove is along the coast, it once had its share of pirates and questionable residents. Curses and supposedly haunted places are part of the charm, and the town even celebrates with a Pirate Fest. But when a man and woman with very little in common meet up again after years apart, they discover the town that she once called home is a place where dreams might possibly come true, if risks are willing to be taken. Shelley Adina makes KISS ON THE BEACH entertaining with an engaging couple and compelling circumstances. The story certainly kept my attention during every riveting scene.

After receiving word that she was now part owner of a shop in Corsair’s Cove which offers chocolate items for sale, the only thought Brynn Kato has is to sell the unwanted inheritance to her three cousins. When she arrives in the town located along the Washington coast, she wants to quickly sign the necessary papers and return to her job working at Ocean Technology because several critical matters require her attention. But her carefully thought out plan falls apart when nothing goes as anticipated, and Brynn is forced to stay longer than expected.

Being back in Corsair’s Cove puts Jamie Finlayson in her life once more. He is the man with whom she shares fond childhood memories, yet there can never be anything between them now as their lives are way too different. Since Jamie has not completely gotten over what he felt for Brynn since they were younger, he hopes her short time in their hometown will let her realize what they could have together.

There are at times an enchanted feel to Corsair’s Cove, and each interesting detail that is revealed about the town always captured my thoughts. Wanting to know about anything supernatural kept me eagerly reading to uncover the truth. Regardless of what is going on, every incident is realistically depicted and made me want to believe. One aspect of the story which is very enjoyable is whenever Bonney the parrot is featured. This talkative bird had me smiling and wanting to see what witty comment she would say next.

KISS ON THE BEACH has spirited characters and heartfelt feelings being expressed. The romantic path created for Brynn and Jamie is sometimes emotional, while other instances are more carefree. Shelley Adina has created a couple who must consider how they want their futures to turn out. She has achieved her life’s goals, or so she thinks, but being back where she grew up gives her lots to ponder. Jamie is a wonderful man, so friendly and kind, yet thinks marriage may pass him by. I never knew how these two would interact with one another, but I was sure it would be with true-to-life responses. This series becomes more fascinating with each new release, and I am highly eager to find out more secrets in the fourth story.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Corsair’s Cove Chocolate Shop – Book 3

Publisher: Moonshell Books, Inc.

Releases:  September 15, 2017.


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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