Leaving Yesterday by Zoe Dawson

51kBHuz4HqLThe connection to the many engaging characters introduced in the first Laurel Falls story is immediate because of the genuineness of each person. From the main romantic couple to their relatives to the residents in the quaint town, their distinct personalities are clearly made known through sincere comments and reactions. Zoe Dawson constantly put me right in the middle of the situations where the characters went through a vast number of emotions. In the charming community of Laurel Falls, unexpected love might develop if a couple is willing to take a chance with their hearts. LEAVING YESTERDAY is particularly heartwarming because of compelling realism.

With his love of working on engines, Trace Black runs a garage in his hometown of Laurel Falls, Montana. After serving time as a marine in the Middle East, he enjoys the peaceful mountain setting where the locals are friendly and willing to help when needed. He and his older brother now take care of their two younger siblings, and any family problems that arise are often much more troublesome than those in the garage. When he gets a towing call during one tricky issue related to his sister, Trace feels certain solving the matter of a car that stopped working will be easier than dealing with the latest difficultly bothering the teenager.

Working closely with her father has always made Rafferty Hamilton happy, but all the time away from her husband for business helped to end their marriage and she is now divorced. Her current assignment has her driving a new car from New York to California, where she will be stopping along the way to hopefully locate good places for her family’s company to build a resort. But her search has been temporarily halted because of car trouble in a small Montana town. Rafferty lives in New York City, so being stuck in a town like Laurel Falls does not sound very promising at first. Yet the longer she has to wait in the area for her car to be fixed, the more she discovers to appreciate about the picturesque location. Especially when Trace offers to show her the highlights.

Though many scenes in LEAVING YESTERDAY deeply affected me, the episodes that had the greatest impact were moments involving Trace, Rafferty and his family. Whether it concerned his teenage sister or his brother who suffers with PTSD, each incident always came across as so true-to-life and was filled with honest responses. I wanted to help when they were suffering, and then shared in their joy when happiness was experienced. Although there are many characters featured in the book, their different natures helped me to keep everyone straight and look forward to their appearances. Regardless of their ages, I thought each person was an important addition to the story and enjoyed getting to know them.

From the first meeting of Trace, I adored this man with his winning behavior and gentlemanly traits. While polite and always thoughtful, he also has a spirited side that I saw as endearing. Sadly, he has to be serious much more than playful, and this is why I liked watching him and Rafferty together as she brought some fun into his life. She is a take charge woman who does what needs to be done in any situation, and my admiration kept increasing. The good-natured teasing between Trace and Rafferty had me laughing, and when their actions turned sensual, they expressed their desire with lots of heated passion. The way in which their relationship grew seemed just right, as they gave themselves time to know each other before moving to the next step. Both have much to overcome before things become permanent, and Zoe Dawson took me on a fascinating romantic journey of discovery. LEAVING YESTERDAY has enchanting moments plus a lively cast of characters.

Received copy from NetGalley

Series:  Laurel Falls

Publisher:  Loveswept

Releases:  February 9, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zcyajru

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://zoedawson.com/

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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