Married for His Convenience by Eleanor Webster

51eov6fbwtl-_sx314_bo1204203200_In the second Harlequin Historical release from Eleanor Webster, the talented author has once again created characters that could actually have lived in England during the late 1700’s. The often troubling predicaments they had to face were very believable for the time period, and I sympathized with numerous individuals because of the distressing events in their lives. Ms. Webster certainly knows how to make her stories conceivable, as I never thought for a moment that a situation could not have occurred. MARRIED FOR HIS CONVENIENCE is constantly engaging with heartfelt emotional issues, honest reactions and even dangerous risks.

Though Sarah Martin had come from humble origins, she did not let this keep her from enjoying life and being happy when things do go right. But she knows being illegitimate will keep her from ever appearing respectable to those who live by the rules of society. When Sarah meets Sebastian Hastings while she is walking in the country near her home, that incident and further interaction with the Earl of Langford proves insightful to him and an idea forms.

After the death of his wife, Sebastian had hired different governesses in the hope of helping his young daughter who has some difficult emotional problems. But with no improvement, he devises a new tactic as he would do anything to see the girl more stable. If Sebastian can get Sarah to wed him, perhaps she might be able to aid the child in making a full recovery. Although she is wary of marrying a man whom she has just recently met, the prospect of going to London where her missing half-sister is supposed to reside is enough incentive for her to agree. Both Sebastian and Sarah have reasons for being together, but finding love was not one of their goals.

With references to the revolution going on in France during the time of the story and its effect on someone in England, MARRIED FOR HIS CONVENIENCE is not only entertaining but also interesting. I always like a historical story when actual occurrences are included. There are plenty of details related to how a woman born out of wedlock might see herself because of social stipulations, and I felt for Sarah even when she tried so hard to appear positive. There are additional situations involving other people which are very convincing, and the author let me see how those in unfortunate circumstances might be forced to live. When a very genuine threat becomes a reality, the story turns heart-pounding as I waited to see what would ultimately happen.

When I met Sarah, I could instantly tell she did things her way, regardless of what others would think of her. Her compassion for creatures was admirable, and I laughed at several comical episodes starring her rescued rabbit and her delightful made-up animal stories. She often acts unconventionally, and it was fun to see how other people would respond to her actions. Sebastian has suffered through tough times lately, and Sarah surprisingly makes him feel that all joy has not gone out of his life. She has him seeing the world from a different perspective, and I loved watching his reactions to her more outrageous deeds. Since the two were practically strangers when they wed, it was enjoyable to see them learn what it would take to make their marriage real and not one of practicality. I am definitely looking forward to more historical stories from Eleanor Webster whose work is very original. MARRIED FOR HIS CONVENIENCE is creatively imaginative.

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Publisher:  Harlequin Historical

Releases:  December 1, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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