Mating A Grizzly by Dianna Love

The League of Gallize Shifters series continues with another story packed with intrigue, romance, and lots of emotional issues. From the opening scene to the last compelling situation, I was completely enthralled by all the creative happenings which were always so realistic. Dianna Love masterfully brings all the paranormal aspects to life with believability and uniqueness. I was pleasantly surprised time and again by how much I enjoyed every development in the story, as each new episode left me more immersed in the lives of two fascinating characters. MATING A GRIZZLY fully captures the imagination with cleverly thought-out adventures.

Although her father is an influential grizzly shifter with royalty in his background, there was little joy for Elianna while growing up in Russia. Her mother is a polar bear shifter, and with her mixed heritage, sadly neither clan of her parents will claim her. When her life takes a terrible turn, she thinks no one will assist her or the young orphan boy for whom she cares deeply. After help comes from an unexpected source, Elianna finds herself leaving Russia for the United States, where she can hopefully find some happiness for the first time ever. To make the trip to her Louisiana destination, a grizzly shifter greets her upon arriving in the states.

Before Justin meets Elianna, he had already decided the Russian princess would be much trouble with a condescending attitude. But as the two interact, he learns she is not the snobby individual that he anticipated. Justin fully thought his mission as a Gallize shifter would not be complicated, as delivering one female should be easy. Yet between their longer travel time and having a wolf shifter attack her, the couple have numerous hurdles to overcome.

Since the books in the League of Gallize Shifters series can be read in any order, as Dianna Love always gives enough background information, this might be your first-time meeting Justin. I was definitely enchanted in the first book by this interesting man who can become a bear, as he is charming and very dedicated when it comes to his job as a Gallize shifter. He is also a loyal friend and fierce fighter when needed, plus has a wicked sense of humor. All his traits are very apparent when he becomes a bodyguard to Elianna, especially his caring side. I saw Justin as such a wonderful hero, as he puts others first regardless of the cost to himself.

When he and Elianna have a discussion, sparks really do fly. Both are lively conversationalists, and I loved the many ways that she responded to something he said since not all English words were understood. I really felt for her as so much of her life had been a challenge, and my admiration just kept increasing when I saw how she would react to various situations. These two discover much about each other which has them yearning for more, but I could not see a workable solution for them without plenty of problems to solve. If a dangerous incident arose, I was held in suspense until the event played out, and Ms. Love certainly gave Justin and Elianna several perilous threats to face. MATING A GRIZZLY skillfully balances suspense, the paranormal, and numerous romantic elements to create an engrossing read on every page.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of the book, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  League of Gallize Shifters

Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC

Releases:  January 30, 2018


Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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