Miracle for the Neurosurgeon by Lynne Marshall

While all the stories Lynne Marshall writes that contain some medical references have been positive plus convincing, MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON is her most heartwarming yet. So many factors dealing with having a spinal cord injury are explored, from physical complications to emotional issues, and each matter not only made the two main characters come across as realistic but also very likable. When I start a book by Lynne Marshall, I know the main couple will be facing several difficulties, but most of the time there are not so many added dilemmas for them to triumph over. I was totally drawn into MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON from the first chapter, and my interest never waned until I had devoured every compelling word.

When Mary Harris unexpectedly showed up at the home of Wesley Van Allen, she intended to make him realize that he could use her help. A waterskiing mishap had severely damaged his spinal cord, and now the successful neurosurgeon will never walk again. Since Mary is a physical therapist, she has come to offer her useful knowledge in the hope it will make his days better. But Wes is a proud man and is not at all receptive to letting someone see him as weak, and he quickly refuses her proposal.

However, Mary is not about to give up, as she comprehends the man whom she has known for years needs her assistance regardless of what he says. When Wes finally relents, she is overjoyed and looks forward to making him healthier and productive. She has always respected him as a person, and even secretly likes her best friend’s brother more than either of them knows. His days actually become enjoyable having Mary work with him, and Wes cannot keep from dreaming of things that he thinks will never happen because of how his whole life has now changed.

There were numerous times when I cheered on Wes as he tried to accomplish a deed that was once easy but not anymore. The sudden loss of mobility would certainly be devastating for me, and adjusting would be hard. Ms. Marshall’s knowledge as a nurse plus her thorough research let me see what a person would have to do after such a terrible accident, and whether there are any workable solutions which would make it possible to resume various activities. Wes knows his world will never be the same, and he thinks his wishes for more normalcy will never be achieved. But when the optimistic Mary comes into his life, a spark of hope tries to flare up. MIRACLE FOR THE NEUROSURGEON is truly stirring because of inspiring moments.

Wes and Mary are one of my all-time favorite couples. They are both extremely genuine, and this made them all the more appealing. What each of them feels is very conceivable, especially when past sentiments affect the present, leaving them often mystified as to how they should react to one another. As desire builds between them, so does the determination to do their best for the other. I never felt like these two were not responding in a true-to-life manner, and this had me believing each scene as depicted. Their love story is really romantic at times, and I felt their joy at being so happy. I also could tell when they were experiencing distress, as the author’s writing gave me insight into their every thought.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Publisher:  Harlequin Medical Romance

Releases:  April 18, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/mjgxerd

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://lynnemarshall.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

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