Mission: Colton Justice by Jennifer Morey

In the latest book of the Coltons of Shadow Creek miniseries, emotions run high while threats keep escalating. What might have been an intentional death also becomes more complicated as further evidence comes to light, and I often never knew what direction the story was going to take. Jennifer Morey makes her installment captivating with numerous mysteries that need resolving. While subtle clues are given from time to time, nothing is assured until all details are eventually confirmed. MISSION: COLTON JUSTICE intrigues with conflicting emotions and troubling jeopardy.

While going to college for a criminal justice degree, Adeline Winters needed extra money to pay all her bills. Being a surrogate for a childless couple was her choice to bring in more cash, and she now has her own thriving private investigation business. When the father of the child that she carried wants to speak with her, Adeline has no idea as to his reason. It seems Jeremy Kincaid thinks his wife was actually murdered two years ago, not accidentally killed when her car hit a pole.

Though Adeline is unconvinced at first, she does take Jeremy on as a client when he makes a good argument for her looking into whether the supposedly deceased Livia Colton could have had anything to do with the wreck. As facts are gathered and truths come out, it does seem as though something sinister could have occurred. When the wellbeing of the young boy is threatened, Adeline and Jeremy know all their focus must be on recovering him before it is too late.

There is already an emotional bond between Jeremy and Adeline because of how little Jamie came to be born. When they reconnect because of doubts about the death of his wife, it is very difficult for her to ignore the desire to also bond with the child. I could really sense the deep feelings Adeline had for the boy that she gave to two loving parents, yet she tried to make the best of the situation and concentrate on discovering what happened to Jeremy’s wife. He desperately wants to learn what took place when his spouse was out alone, as it has kept him from moving on, whether he admits it or not. Adding to the tension when Adeline and Jeremy are together is the sexual awareness each has of the other, and keeping it under control is not always easy. Jennifer Morey certainly took the couple on an emotional journey as they worked to uncover the truth.

MISSION: COLTON JUSTICE had me constantly changing my mind as to what was going on in the present along with what transpired in the past. As Adeline investigates, shocking information is unearthed, and I was definitely stunned by some of the news. Several suspenseful events had me wondering how everything was going to turn out. While answers pertaining to this story were learned, there is still a big question to be explored in a future book of the Coltons of Shadow Creek miniseries.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Coltons of Shadow Creek

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  October 1, 2017

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/y79rgwmu

Genre:  Suspense

Rating:  4 Stars

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