My Fair Princess by Vanessa Kelly

51vDw1HjPhL._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_The Improper Princesses series by Vanessa Kelly is set in the same time period as The Renegade Royals stories, and my reading enjoyment continues when one women whose father is a prince does not acknowledge her as his daughter. Being born out of wedlock in England during the early 1800’s often resulted in the person not being accepted by those considered an equal, and Ms. Kelly has definitely given her wonderful heroine much to overcome. When paired with a man who detests any type of scandal, confrontations regularly occur while sexual longing unexpectedly heightens. With lots of humor yet also much emotion, I was instantly captivated by the first Improper Princesses novel. MY FAIR PRINCESS entertains with one amusing escapade after another and a memorable romantic couple.

Though the father of Gillian Dryden is an English prince, she was not raised in his household because her parents never married. Living in Italy for her whole life, she often gets into situations that no respectable woman should. When one incident proves just how reckless she can be at times, Gillian ends up being sent to England where she will hopefully be married one day soon. But before a ceremony can take place, she must learn to behave appropriately for someone of her age and social status. In order to achieve this feat, she must begin following a growing number of guidelines.

When Charles Valentine Penley is chosen to instruct a woman with unsuitable manners on how she must start conducting herself when out in society, he knew the task would be rather difficult, especially after their first meeting. The Duke of Leverton is unlike any man Gillian has ever met, as he does not let her sassy comments deter him from coming right back with a perfect retort. As Charles tries to make her someone a man would be proud to call his wife, there are times when he is actually fascinated by her responses, and this causes him much bewilderment.

With her spitfire attitude, my love of Gillian grew with each new cleverly expressed remark. When matched against the desirable Charles, the comebacks are swift plus intelligently worded. I laughed loudly on several occasions, as they each came up with a reply that was even more cutting than the one before. One thing I really liked about the couple was their ability to eventually talk things out when their tempers had cooled, and to not hold on to bitterness for way too long. Though she has no desire to socialize with the English aristocrats, her family thinks she needs to at least give it a try. What happens when Gillian attempts to become someone she is not is often hilarious but sometimes emotionally moving. I could be chuckling one moment at a witty answer to a question, then find myself truly touched because of what she was leaving unspoken.

Any time Gillian and Charles are together, I fully anticipated lively conversations and animated reactions, and Vanessa Kelly did not disappoint. MY FAIR PRINCESS is always engaging and truly unforgettable. Whether this couple was involved in bantering back and forth, or displaying emotions because of how they felt, every moment is absolutely realistic. The passionate side of their relationship is certainly steamy when their feelings gain control, and Charles demonstrates he is not as straitlaced as most people think. There is a large group of secondary characters who have appealing personalities, and it was great getting to visit once again with Griffin Steele who has long been a favorite. The hero of the next book was met briefly, and he seems like a charmer that I really want to know better.

Received copy from NetGalley

Series:  Improper Princesses

Publisher:  Zebra

Releases:  August 30, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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