Naughty Wish by J.H. Croix

A secondary character from an earlier Brit Boys Sports Romance book gets her own story, and it is definitely packed with emotion, fun, and sex. Jana Sparks is a paralegal, and some past events still greatly affect her in the present. When fate has a cop and her meeting, their lives are never the same from that day forward. I always enjoy how J.H. Croix builds the anticipation of what her couples will end up doing as they experience the ups and downs of a new relationship, and there were plenty of emotional incidents along with bliss filled sex to keep me entertained in this story. NAUGHTY WISH has humor, stirring moments, and very passionate sexual encounters.

While carefully driving in rush hour Seattle traffic, the car following Jana Sparks hits her. Though the accident is not serious, the damage was enough to call the police. When the responding officer arrives, she is immediately intrigued by his looks and British accent. After it becomes apparent her car cannot be driven, Finn Connors offers to take her to work and equally captivated by his lively passenger. Before they part, Jana says she wants him to have dinner with her, yet he does not accept her offer. But a chance meeting later has her asking Finn again, and his consenting answer might just lead to something unexpected between them.

NAUGHTY WISH causes lots of smiles and sighs. There is witty banter in many of the conversations that Finn and Jana have, and their delightful personalities shine through often. He is a very capable cop, and he makes sure those in the city are protected from anyone with bad intentions. While much of the story is focused on his and Jana’s relationship, circumstances related to his duties as an officer are also shown and make him even more respected. Both have been hurt by people they trusted, making them rather cautious of becoming too serious about someone else. But as they continue seeing each other, feelings change yet Jana cannot seem to stop from having underlying doubts. I could not wait to see if she would risk her heart or keep it safely locked away. J.H. Croix certainly had me in suspense as these two worked through some realistic issues. Many of the characters in previous books of the series are featured from time to time, and I enjoyed seeing how each was currently doing.

I voluntarily reviewed a copy of the book from Booksprout, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Brit Boys Sports Romance – Book 5

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  December 14, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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