Navy SEAL Protector by Bonnie Vanak

Puzzling threats and a reunited couple make the latest SOS Agency story intriguing because of numerous uncertainties. Who is trying to cause all types of damage at a ranch is unknown, and each new development just seems to bring more danger. A man and woman who knew each other for years are brought back together because of a death. Even though old hurts resurface, the two must work closely or much in their lives could be lost forever. NAVY SEAL PROTECTOR is filled with mysteries and heartfelt emotional issues. Bonnie Vanak cleverly entwines unexpected suspense with a touching romance.

After her father becomes an employee on the Belle Creek ranch in Tennessee, Shelby Stillwater felt like she finally had an actual home. Now that the man who owns the property has died, she worries that the place may be sold, which would mean losing her apartment plus the job as its bookkeeper. She then starts getting notes stating she needs to leave the ranch, yet Shelby does not tell anyone because of feared repercussions.

When Nick Anderson returns for his father’s funeral, he is once again back in Shelby’s life. A broken heart back in high school taught her it would be best to avoid him now, but the former SEAL is staying on the same property as her while he decides what to do with the ranch which was part of his inheritance. The thought of seeing Nick every day does not make Shelby happy, though the capable soldier might be able to fix the many troubles Belle Creek is facing.

There is one hardship after another for Nick and Shelby to triumph over in the story, and I repeatedly did not see a way to them to come out the winner on several occasions. Since the danger in the threats also keeps escalating, I feared for their safety and worried great harm might happen to them. Neither Nick nor Shelby are individuals who give up without doing all they can to reach a goal. I really liked how she pushed him to be a better man, even when childhood doubts had him questioning his actions. She frequently has to overlook the town gossips because of her parents, and I could envision such situations taking place in a small town. Bonnie Vanak brings realism into NAVY SEAL PROTECTOR, where hopeful dreams might actually occur if only chances are taken. Since Nick and Shelby often interacted when younger, they know much about each other. I enjoyed their reminiscing about the past, and watching them explore buried feelings as adults.

With the list of suspects who want Nick to sell the ranch growing, I never knew for certain who was actually responsible until the frightening conclusion. The author definitely made a couple scenes exciting because possible scenarios are very perilous. I really like stories where a couple get the opportunity to be in a relationship after previously missing out on the chance, and when some suspense is added into the mix, then I am even happier.

I voluntarily reviewed the book and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  SOS Agency

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  October 1, 2017


Genre:  Suspense

Author website:

Rating:  4 Stars

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