No Contest by Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt

Lots of steamy sexual encounters can be found in the third Blood and Glory story, yet there are also quite a few emotional moments where feelings are expressed with much honesty. Both main characters have set goals that they are determined to reach, and they need to work together or neither may see their objectives come to a realization. But along the way, the tension that put them at odds at first slowly turns to a longing which has nothing to do with furthering their careers. Harper St. George and Tara Wyatt have made NO CONTEST a highly entertaining and very passionate story about a MMA fighter and the woman who comes to love him.

Most everything Leandro Oliveira has in his life was given to him as his family is extremely wealthy. But being a champion MMA fighter is what he has aspired to do on his own, and he finally has the belt to prove his accomplishment. However, his partying lifestyle may end up taking all that Leandro values away from him, from his being a top contender for the World Fighting Championship to dishonoring his family’s name.

To keep sponsors from refusing to back the current titleholder, the president of the league where Leandro fights brings in a publicist to make him appear more responsible. When the Brazilian fighter meets Ashlynn Fields, she has a list that he needs to follow which will cause him to be seen in a more favorable light. None of the clients whom she has previously helped have needed her assistance as badly as Leandro. Also, not one of them has made Ashlynn have sexual thoughts, yet the new champion has her mind on things besides her PR responsibilities.

NO CONTEST has likable characters and an intriguing storyline. What I have learned while reading the Blood and Glory series is these MMA fighters are very dedicated and want to win, as they diligently train and are thinking about who will be their opponent in an upcoming bout. Leandro may be rich and privileged, but he wants to be known as a champion in this sport. Yet he loves numerous pleasures too much to give them up, never worrying about the consequences of his actions until it is almost too late. When Ashlynn comes into his life to change his bad habits, he does not want to listen to her advice. But when she makes him question some of his choices, this playboy may actually realize it is time to grow up. I certainly enjoyed watching this man who likes to have fun start to ponder many decisions in his past. The authors gave him plenty to think about, and I liked seeing him work through several of the bigger concerns that could adversely affect his career plus personal life. His reactions to Ashlynn are spot-on for a man who likes to flirt, and it was interesting to see how his thoughts changed over time. She is a woman who appealed to me, as I saw her as someone trying to better herself yet had some issues to also work through. The relationship of Ashlynn and Leandro is filled with a large number of trials, and each new challenge was compellingly written.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the publisher, and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  Blood and Glory – Book 3

Publisher: Pocket Star

Releases:  January 29, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author websites: and

Rating:  4 Stars

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