Once Upon Now

4160gwaqh3l-_sy346_ONCE UPON NOW is an outstanding collection of classic fairytales retold using contemporary settings and a marvelous cast of characters. Whether the plot is mostly fantasy, contains some horror or is filled with much humor, the story is guaranteed to entertain until the often surprising conclusion. Assorted fables are included in the dissimilar stories, while several are only linked to a timeless tale from our childhood. There is also a romantic aspect to many of the stories, sometimes understated but the focus of others. The writing of these ten Wattpad authors constantly captures the imagination with their notable contributions to ONCE UPON NOW.


A wager with a good friend has Emeline saying she will agree to anything asked of her during a 24 hour period, because she seems too predictable. But sometimes consenting to everything that crops up can have unforeseen costs. “Why Yes, Bluebeard, I’d Love To” by J. M. Butler is darkly horrific yet has surprising humor. Several fairytales are incorporated into the story, causing me to grin at the author’s cleverness.

After having little contact with anyone while growing up, Zoe meets a boy at her new job who inspires numerous fantasizes. Then one impetuous decision could change her whole life. Filled with emotional thoughts, “Home-School Hair” by Christine Owen is frequently touching. I really enjoyed seeing the transformation of Zoe and what it meant for her future.

To make certain their son gets married soon, his rich parents come up with manipulative scheme. When Cupid and another powerful being become involved in the plan, chaos ensues. With lots of secrets and a number of likable characters, “My Love God Went to Hawaii and All I Got Was This Lousy Papaya” is constantly engaging. Debra Goelz has created a humorous tale with lively Gods and some devious humans.

A man desperately wants to make sure the woman that he loves has a fulfilling life once more. Yet for Crane to make this miracle happen for Rose could have dire consequences. “Awake” by Jesse Sprague is a haunting story about the meaning of true love. I was deeply moved by the poignancy of each profoundly moving scene, where feelings are realistically expressed with much passion.

Not wanting to make an inappropriate remark, the comments Leo says usually include a lie. When this trait puts him in danger, being truthful could either make his life better or add further peril. A very original world is created for “Truth Be Told”, where various fairytales are featured with much imagination. Danielle Banas interweaves humor, real life situations and intriguing characters all throughout her story.

Life for Mira is typical for a teenager living in Alaska. After a terrible disaster strikes and things seem hopeless, she learns that Native American legends may actually be true after all. Heartfelt and packed with emotion, “Between Earth and Sky” by R. S. Kovach is affectingly intense. I quickly became caught up in what was happening to Mira, and I anxiously waited to see what would be the outcome.

To not be noticed by anyone is always Mallory’s goal, but she secretly dreams of her friend Trevor finally realizing they would be a great couple. When it comes time for their high school prom, he unfortunately has someone else in mind to ask. A fun retelling of how a person can miss what is right in front of them, and all it takes is a few minor changes. “The Friend Zone Promposal” by Tammy Oja had me smiling and hoping for the best.

When a school football team needs to improve, their coach wants them to learn ballet skills from a group of sisters. But when Cal and his teammates show up, it appears the girls want to do more than teach the boys coordination. “Of Sirens and Beasts” by Mikaela Bender is a heartrending story creatively connected to the myth about sirens. Cal and his teammates find out firsthand what the mysterious sisters have in store for them, and I definitely found it interesting.

As a journalist for her school newspaper, Annie is inquisitive and determining who has recently stolen some items is her current project. As she tries to prove her hunches, the facts uncovered are not what she predicted. A very inventive story with lots of Robin Hood references, and I especially enjoyed all the similar names. Innovative and exciting, “Hooded” by Shannon Klare keeps your attention.

Upon receiving the news that she has a disease with no cure, Rory felt as though her future was very bleak. But during the latest episodes where the illness takes over her body and mind, she dreams of a prince who wants to save her. “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” by Ali Novak has plenty of genuine feelings and comes across as believable. I really came to care for the main couple.

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