One Flight Stand by Kim Linwood


Honest emotions practically jump off the page from the very start of ONE FLIGHT STAND, and the intensity of any feelings only grows stronger with each new scene. Often a story with a Mafia theme will contain lots of violence, but Kim Linwood concentrates on the relationship of a couple who should never have connected yet did in a most personal way. What follows the first meeting between two individuals who are unaware of their backgrounds is situations filled with so much realism that I felt every character just had to actually exit. I could not read fast enough, yet truly did not want the entertaining ONE FLIGHT STAND to end.

A chance meeting at the airport in Chicago led to an amusing moment between Andrea DiFiero and Montana Caporossi. When they end up on the same flight to London, they share a sexual encounter which neither can completely forget. Life returns to normal for the pair until Andie is ordered by her Mafia father to wed a man who is part of a rival crime organization. When she realizes Montana is also involved with the same Mafia family plus is related to her future husband, her feelings are pulled in different directions. Then it is learned that their in-flight adventure had huge consequences when Andie discovers she is pregnant. Now she and Montana fear for all three of their lives, and a solution must be found to ensure their safety.

ONE FLIGHT STAND is the type of story that I immediately want to read again, because I just am not ready to let go of the very appealing main couple. The numerous compelling situations experienced by Andie and Montana are sometimes humorous but often more serious. But one thing I noticed about every single moment was the genuineness of each incident. Though these two frequently have to live by a code which ordinary people do not, they still secretly hope their dreams can one day come true.

There is plenty of hilarious dialogue in the story, and I was constantly laughing at what Andie and Montana said or was thinking. Their quick wit is spot-on at times and perfectly fit the circumstances. They also must live through an abundance of events which are demanding and could have dire costs if wrong choices are made. There is plenty of passion between these two, and many of their sexual exploits are boldly daring plus definitely steamy. I really liked many of the secondary characters, especially Evie, and hope to see more of them in an upcoming book. ONE FLIGHT STAND is emotionally rewarding and packed with the unexpected.

I voluntarily reviewed the book from the author,  and all comments are my honest opinion

Series:  A Bad Boy’s Baby Romance

Publisher:   Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  February 14, 2017


Genre:   Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  5 Stars

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