One Last Kiss by Cynthia Cooke

The group of men who joined the Eternal Bachelors Club had thought they would not get married anytime soon, but some of them have decided there is only one particular woman that they want in their life. Four members remain whose futures have not yet been controlled by their hearts, and Hunter Hamilton is especially adamant about staying unwed. But when he gets an opportunity to reconnect with the woman whom he should never have let escape, seductive plans just might keep Ashleigh Welsley from getting away a second time. Cynthia Cooke has written a very entertaining romance, where long-held secrets could either make a relationship last or end up tearing it apart forever. I absolutely enjoyed every moment of the story, because every scene is so believable that I felt the happenings just had to be true. ONE LAST KISS is emotionally affecting from beginning to end.

Although Hunter Hamilton belongs to the Eternal Bachelors Club, he does date but just has no intention of getting married. There was one woman in his past whom he would have wed, but his choices made certain their relationship did not last. Ashleigh Welsley has been out of his life for fourteen years, so there is no use wishing for what can never come true.

If her father had not become very ill, Ashleigh would have stayed in California instead of coming back to Southampton, NY. Shortly after the well-known actress arrives, she encounters Hunter at a local bar. While both are much different people now than they were long ago, the feelings they once shared have never fully died and keeping them from resurfacing will be very hard.

Even if the previous books in Tina Folsom’s Eternal Bachelors Club series were never read, plenty of details about characters and situations give enough information so everything is understood. I always like when linked stories feature some of the same individuals, as it is great catching up on their lives. Hunter made an exceedingly difficult choice in his past, and it still haunts him. Though he is successful and wealthy, he is not really happy because of how much he regrets losing Ashleigh. While they are no longer involved, he has not truly moved on. Since she thinks he betrayed her, it has caused her problems when it comes to trusting others. When the couple find themselves together again, old hurts are there but so is intense desire. The passion Hunter and Ashleigh feel for one another is frequently sky-high, and they definitely have no trouble expressing any of their lusty cravings. I often felt as though I was experiencing their steamy moments right along with them.

While sexual attraction may keep increasing and various emotions are conveyed by Ashleigh and Hunter, several concealed facts could make a huge difference in what ultimately occurs. There were times when I was very worried over how these two would react to a new disclosure, and genuine responses were demonstrated every time. Cynthia Cooke made every single moment in ONE LAST KISS enthralling, as characters are true-to-life while events are convincingly imaginative.

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Series:  Tina Folsom’s Eternal Bachelors Club – Book 7

Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services LLC

Releases:  September 12, 2017


Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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