One White Rose by Julie Garwood

51-N0MCyL3LWhile one Clayborne brother has come across a woman whom he will cherish for the rest of his life, there are still three more men who need to find that special someone. In the second Clayborne Brides book, a normal situation turns into circumstances filled with danger, awe, and unexpected feelings. Julie Garwood packs this entrancing novella with lots of complications, where opinions clash and desire adds to the tension. ONE WHITE ROSE has charming characters plus an abundance of heartfelt emotions. Even with having previously read the story, I was once again totally captivated.

The first meeting between Douglas Clayborne and Isabel Grant was in the barn on her property. He had come to claim a horse that he had bought from her husband some time ago, but instead of finalizing the deal, he ends up in a tense situation. Douglas is a man who is usually unafraid no matter what he has to face. Yet having to take care of Isabel during an unanticipated event is enough to actually make him nervous. While he and the determined woman might have been strangers when he arrived, he repeatedly steps in and offers his assistance during any dilemma, regardless of what it involves.

An escalating problem concerning Isabel for whom Douglas now feels responsible makes him extremely angry. Though her life has been very difficult lately because of a local man who is greedy and just plain evil, her spirit has not been broken. He knows staying in the area for a short time is best for her, and the skills he learned while forced to fend for himself at a young age in New York City are once again useful. Although Douglas came to Isabel’s ranch to only get his horse, he gradually realizes there is something else he also wants.

Stories by Julie Garwood are constantly enjoyably entertaining, and I think her books revolving around the Clayborne siblings are definitely some of her most engaging. The whole family has interesting backgrounds, and Douglas has always been a favorite. He and Isabel are particularly likable, as they work through their differences by expressing plenty of sincere feelings. When her spitfire behavior does battle with his rational nature, sparks fly and retorts are frequently witty. Several inner thoughts are insightful along with often being amusing. I might be laughing one moment and then feeling a tug at my heart the next, as Ms. Garwood has the couple experiencing a vast assortment of predicaments.

ONE WHITE ROSE is a heartwarming historical romance. Even though not every detail about the couple or storyline is explored because of the shorter length of the book, there was certainly enough information given to let me know not only what was taking place but why it happened. I knew Douglas was an honorable man, but he proved this trait over and over again with his self-sacrificing conduct toward Isabel. He could have easily collected his horse and left her to whatever fate had in store, but his compassion for others had him staying with her and doing whatever he could to keep her safe. I thought her resolve to carry on despite all that had befallen her was admirable, as many individuals would have given up long ago. All the brothers of Douglas show up in the book, and they had me laughing after just a few words are spoken. Adam gets his chance at happiness next, and I am eager to reread his personal story.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Clayborne Brides – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  June 13, 2016


Genre:  Historical

Author website:

Rating:  4.5 Stars

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