Fate and Forever by Sophie Jackson

51SSTcsK6tLThe emotional impact of each A Pound of Flesh story has deeply touched me, and though the fourth book is only a novella, the wide range of feelings depicted drew me into every compelling moment. While more attention is centered on Kat and Carter, there is also some insight into the current lives of Max plus Riley, letting me know what has been going on with these two interesting men. Sophie Jackson manages to always create intriguing circumstances for her characters, and FATE AND FOREVER delivers quite an emotional punch.

Kat Lane and Wesley Carter have just said “I do” to each other, and it is definitely a marriage between two individuals who seem totally opposite. They connected when she was his prison tutor, and now they are planning a rewarding future together. Their honeymoon was absolute perfection, where fantasies were fulfilled with lots of lusty sex. Then Kat brings up the subject of kids, and Carter does not know how he should respond to her comment.

Even though Carter loves Kat with all his heart, he frets over the idea of being a dad someday. His father was not a man that showed love, thus making him wonder how he will treat his own child. After returning from their honeymoon, everything looks to be great for the couple in all ways. But when Kat starts to act strangely, Carter worries if she might be keeping a secret from him.

There are a close-knit group of friends in the A Pound of Flesh series, and several fascinating facts are exposed about these likable people in the latest installment. What is learned about Riley is especially exciting, as I know additional details will be discovered in his upcoming story. Seeing more of Max and Grace is also wonderful.

Although every aspect of Kat and Carter’s marriage appears to be picture-perfect, all it takes is one innocent remark to turn his world upside down. From that moment on, anxiety about what will occur if they have children is never far from his mind. I really enjoyed how Sophie Jackson made every single instant in the story come across as truly realistic, from candid statements to genuine responses, making me feel as though I was actually watching lives unfold with honest reactions. I am very glad the author wrote the very informative FATE AND FOREVER, as it brought me up-to-date on several very important developments.

Series:  A Pound of Flesh – Book 4

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  April 18, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/j5e434c

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  https://sophiejacksonauthor.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

The Flyboy’s Temptation by Kimberly Van Meter

51O6Ltwn77LAfter a death-defying escapade at the very beginning of THE FLYBOY’S TEMPTATION, perilous threats continue to occur with few breaks. During the periods when danger does let up for a short time, lots of steamy sexual encounters take place because desire between the main couple is often practically uncontrollable. Kimberly Van Meter fills her latest Blaze release about a pilot and a scientist with action, passion and plenty of emotion. I thoroughly enjoyed their thrilling adventurous journey.

Upon getting out of the service, James “J.T.” Carmichael and his brother started Blue Yonder, a charter plane business. Since he was a pilot in the Air Force, he is certainly qualified to fly the company’s aircraft. When a new client requests to be flown to South American as quickly as possible, J.T. has a feeling something about the deal may not be completely legitimate. But after just having his brother inform him of their need to make a profit soon or their business will have to close, he agrees to her terms because the amount she is willing to pay may keep them working for a little longer.

Unfortunately, before J.T. and Dr. Hope Larsen can make it to her destination, they have problems and are forced to crash land in a remote area of Mexico. The jungle poses its own dangers, and with no idea of where they actually are, the couple has to prepare themselves for any number of scenarios or they may not make it out alive. Though Hope does not fully disclose her reason for making the journey, she and J.T. do need to work together without conflict in order to survive. But getting close to each other has its own complications.

There is just something about a situation where two strangers are fighting for their lives that really grabs my attention, and when the attraction between them is sky-high, then it can lead to all kinds of passionate developments and make the story doubly interesting. With J.T. being someone who makes hasty decisions while Hope is a constant planner, their behavior is vastly different and often has them at odds with one another. Their comments are frequently sarcastic, and both can come up with a sharp retort in an instant. I could not keep from laughing at some of their more comical comebacks. The situations J.T. and Hope must face are often life-threatening, and I enjoyed seeing how each would respond to the danger. Though he often appeared laidback, the military training of J.T. would kick in when needed, while the logical thinking of the scientist did not always lead to the right conclusion.

With the huge contrasts in just about everything that concerns J.T. and Hope, it did not seem like a relationship would ever work for this couple. With plenty of highs and lows, Kimberly Van Meter puts these two through a large number of challenges before anything significant can build between them. The threats to them are a possibility in our modern world, and the author makes several of the situations certainly frightening. What J.T. and Hope had to experience often resulted in emotional turmoil, and I eagerly waited to see what they would decide in the end. It appears there will be an upcoming story about the hero’s brother, and I am very glad for this opportunity to discover more about Teagan. THE FLYBOY’S TEMPTATION is hotly sensual plus action-packed.

Copy received from author

Publisher:  Harlequin Blaze

Releases:  April 19, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/z2he3zl

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://kimberlyvanmeter.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

Rogue Belador by Dianna Love

612stNWGUaL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The seventh Belador story begins with a battle, and the many beloved characters in this series are either troubled by emotional complications or find themselves in a dangerous situation on every compelling page. Dianna Love totally captures my full attention with vivid descriptions and constant originality, and the paranormal world to which I am transported comes across as particularly believable. With the large number of characters in the series that I have come to really like, I immediately became involved in the latest personal story being told. Since Tzader Burke may finally get to have the future he has long desired or will lose everything important to him, I was eager to find out what he would have to face, and Dianna Love did not disappoint me. Every emotional conflict in ROGUE BELADOR captivates with deeply affecting realism.

Her position as the Belador queen means Brina is a very significant individual, and she has been under special protection for years. But an enemy’s attack has caused her mind to deteriorate and soon no personal facts will be remembered, causing the man in love with her much worry. Though some only care because of her heritage, Tzader Burke wishes for Brina to be his mate and is willing to do whatever is necessary to make it happen. As time passes with no improvement, he makes a deal that might bring back her memories, but it could come at a great cost to him.

By going to TÅμr Medb and doing the bidding of a being that seems to possess much knowledge, Tzader could possibly get the solution to saving Brina. Yet traveling to the place where the Belador enemy lives is not only dangerous for him, but could be fuel for a new war. As plans are made and answers are sought, hidden truths are discovered about the Beladors and Medb. Tzader receives the unexpected assistance of several close friends, and they each find it hard to obey the vows they have sworn to follow as secrets are exposed.

When it comes to urban fantasy stories, Dianna Love is a master. What takes place in the Belador series is frequently innovative, and the circumstances in the seventh book are sometimes perilous and always emotional. The traits assigned to each of the characters are certainly unique, and I was delighted by how many of the individuals I have come to love that were featured. I really want Casper to have a big part in an upcoming book, as someone with ghost traits fascinates me.

Evalle and her mate Storm plus Quinn all play major parts in ROGUE BELADOR, and it was great catching up with the events in their lives. But the major focus is on Tzader and what will happen to Brina. I have watched these two suffer throughout much of the series, and my heart ached for them each time another difficulty kept them apart. Their story is about not giving up hope, and it was heartwarming to also see the importance of friendship. One new character is definitely intriguing, while several of those who have been met before and only have evil objectives are once again up to their ruthless tricks. I never knew what would be the end result of more than one power struggle, as some abilities came as a surprise. Ms. Love has also created a new interesting creature, and I hope to see more of Oskar in a forthcoming book. ROGUE BELADOR has riveting action, profound emotions and unforeseen twists.

Received copy from author

Series:  Belador – Book 7

Publisher:  Silver Hawk Press LLC

Releases:  April 12, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/gu8vaxu

Genre:  Urban fantasy

Author website:  https://www.authordiannalove.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Silence of the Lamps by Karen Rose Smith

51b-1oGDeYLThough Caprice De Luca never intends to become entangled in a local murder, there always seems to be a good reason for her involvement. In the fifth book where her concern for others once again puts her in the middle of a police investigation, the amateur sleuth will not quit seeking answers until her sister is no long a suspect in the killing of a man whose list of enemies just keeps growing. Karen Rose Smith scatters crafty clues throughout the story to keep guesses about the murderer’s identity ever-changing. SILENCE OF THE LAMPS is a cozy mystery filled with compelling situations and engaging characters.

Often when a house that home stager Caprice De Luca has decorated is being shown to potential buyers, her sister, Nikki, does the catering. The food is always tasty, and even goes along with the overall theme of the residence. During one showing, another caterer comes by and criticizes everything about her sibling’s business. Though Drew Pierson once worked for Nikki, they are no longer on friendly terms and he seems determined to prove his business is better than her own. He has even sold one of his special creations to a restaurant chain which will make him a big profit.

When Nikki feels her competitor has taken things too far and wants to confront him, the two sisters go to where Drew lives. But upon arriving at the home where his grandmother also lives, they discover him murdered. Afterward, several good reasons for someone to want the scheming caterer dead are exposed. While Caprice may have been a great help in solving a few murders in the area, she is warned to not interfere in this latest case. Concerned that the police might think her sister is somehow linked, the home stager slyly begins asking questions to see where their answers lead.

Reading about Caprice De Luca and her never dull life causes plenty of entertainment, as I find her to be an interesting person. She is very enthusiastic when it comes to her home staging business, and seeing what items she picks out for her themes is certainly fascinating. Karen Rose Smith puts much effort into making her stories come across as realistic, and I enjoy reading about the descriptions of the objects used in particular houses. Caprice is devoted to her family, friends and the many animals in her life, as she makes sure each receives the required amount of attention to let them know they are cherished by her. She is someone willing to go the extra step when she knows her help is needed, and I certainly admired her tenacity to give her all when anything is attempted. But she is human, and her doubts about her relationship with Grant just made her more genuine.

Karen Rose Smith excels when it comes to cozy mysteries. It is easy to become immersed in the lives of the many reoccurring characters, and I am always eager to learn what is presently happening to them. The mysterious homicide in any Caprice De Luca story is cleverly concocted, and the murder in SILENCE OF THE LAMPS is truly cunning. As facts about the victim of the killing are uncovered, my deductions constantly altered. Until all is revealed, I was taken on a journey of surprisingly disclosures. I am already eager to see what occurs in the next Caprice De Luca Mystery.

Copy received from author

Series:  Caprice De Luca Mystery

Publisher:  Kensington

Releases:  April 26, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jlxqy3n

Genre:   Mystery

Author website:  http://www.karenrosesmithmysteries.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Her Werewolf Hero by Michele Hauf

51qU6q5HMdLThe countless paranormal ideas that Michele Hauf thinks up continue to amaze me, and the new story in her Beautiful Creatures world is truly one of most original. When a werewolf is sent to obtain an object, he never thought procuring the item would be so complicated or awaken long buried emotions. The human woman with whom he becomes entangled is very curious about anything supernatural, and the truths she is learning leave her surprisingly thrilled. What happens on the perilous adventure that this couple takes together is a journey filled with fascinating discoveries. HER WEREWOLF HERO captures the imagination on every enthralling page.

Working as a Retriever for Acquisitions is something Bron Everhart thoroughly enjoys, as the werewolf likes the quest of tracking down an object. His latest assignment is an item that many might want, so he plans to find the Purgatory Heart before everyone else. After hearing the piece has special powers and needs to be kept from anyone who would use it for evil purposes, Bron knows he must quickly locate the much desired heart.

Shortly after arriving at the site where it should be found, a woman starts being chased by several supernatural creatures. Though Kizzy Lewis has always believed in the paranormal and wanted proof any beings with special abilities were real, she did not want her first experience to end with her dying. So she is grateful to the stranger who was in the park and kept her safe. Bron is stunned when Kizzy does not seem shocked to see otherworldly creatures, and he is even more astonished to realize the artifact he wants is actually her own heart. It soon becomes apparent a huge group of unsavory beings are also determined to get what he is looking for, and none care if Kizzy dies. Bron is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the human woman from losing her heart, even if it means a trip to Purgatory.

A multitude of emotions are experienced while reading HER WEREWOLF HERO. I laughed, felt anxious and even rejoiced over what occurred to the romantic couple in the story, and my feelings were always completely involved in each compelling predicament they faced. Bron is someone whom I loved from the start, and his actions throughout the story made him a hero with numerous honorable traits. An incident in his past still haunts him, and I wanted to give him a big hug when all is revealed. Kizzy is a delight with her charming personality, and I thought her ability to see the bright side of any situation made her even more appealing. Their conversations are frequently packed with quick wit and plenty of humor, while anything sexual between them includes lots of heat backed by genuine caring. The characters Michele Hauf creates always have unique behavior, and the distinctive natures of Bron plus Kizzy are demonstrated time and again.

When it comes to extraordinary circumstances, Ms. Hauf can be counted on to fill her stories with loads of innovative weirdness, causing her books to be particularly entertaining. The premise of HER WEREWOLF HERO is creepily spine-chilling, where a number of situations cause much fear for the beloved couple. Various supernatural beings make an appearance throughout the story, and I was just as excited to see some of them as Kizzy. The part Purgatory plays is especially interesting and greatly added into the puzzle of what was going on. Another notable novel from Michele Hauf.

Copy received from author

Publisher:   Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  April 1, 2016

Purchase:   http://tinyurl.com/gm2r3bs

Genre:   Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.michelehauf.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Darkness by Karen Robards

51NZcJZk8LL._SY346_With each new threatening incident that puts two lives on the line, doubts about whether these individuals will actually survive keep mounting. Staying alive is the main focus of two strangers who find themselves battling against the environment plus countless enemies, where only one wrong decision will be their last. Karen Robards cleverly interweaves suspenseful adventures with an engaging romance to create a thriller that continuously captures every thought. DARKNESS is an adrenaline ride of heart-pumping action and unpredicted peril.

As an ornithologist, Dr. Gina Sullivan has been given the chance to study birds in their natural habitat so facts can be recorded. The current location is an island in Alaska, and she is enjoying the peaceful beauty while getting data. One afternoon, a storm disrupts her observation and forces her to head back to camp. The sudden appearance of a plane dropping too fast leaves her stunned, and before she can maneuver her small boat out of the way, the aircraft falls very near her after exploding. Though frightened by the terrible ordeal, Gina frantically searches for anyone who might have survived, and incredibly does come upon one man.

When James “Cal” Callahan took his latest assignment as a private government contractor, all seemed to go smoothly. But before he can return to the states and complete his mission, he finds himself floating in the water with only Gina to help him. Cal immediately knows what just happened to the plane was intentional, and although they manage to get out of the freezing sea, their troubles are far from over. Between a snowstorm and whoever wants him dead, the plan Cal and Gina had hoped would work quickly falls apart, leaving them struggling for their lives.

Worry over whether Cal and Gina would survive had me not wanting to stop reading until each enthralling detail was learned. Karen Robards imaginatively blends circumstances that trigger intense dread with touching emotional issues, and the result is a realistic story which drew me into every compelling moment. I fretted over the many possible scenarios that could perhaps develop, and the direction several escapades took left me shocked. There is a constant threat of jeopardy in DARKNESS, giving Cal and Gina plus the reader little time to catch a breath before another terrorizing event takes place. Since Attu Island is a real place in Alaska plus its World War II history is also factual, the story comes across as even more convincing. When Gina spots or hears different bird species in the area while they are on the run, her thoughts about them added further enjoyment.

The potent sexual attraction between Cal and Gina increases the stress that they are already feeling because of the challenging situation being faced. At the beginning of their predicament, there is little trust but this slowly changes as they discover more about each other. Mutual respect leads to a connection that causes desire to become almost uncontrollable. While the way in which their lives are led is vastly different, there are still plenty of shared traits to make their bond seem genuine. There is lots of intelligent banter between Gina and Cal, and I particularly liked her sharp-witted comebacks. She has lived through a very tough time in the past, and I admired her gutsy determination to rise above some of the more demanding circumstances. Cal may appear to be an alpha male in every respect, but underneath the hard exterior is a huggable teddy bear when it comes to Gina. DARKNESS does not disappoint, as nerve-racking danger relentlessly escalates.

Copy received from publisher

Publisher:  Gallery Books

Releases:  March 29, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zzud67h

Genre:  Thriller

Author website:  http://www.karenrobards.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Under the Desert Sky by Sara Luck

51xhxuTLyILMany aspects of UNDER THE DESERT SKY are not commonly found in a historical romance. While the Arizona Territory setting might be the locale of a story taking place in 1900, having a career of raising ostriches is definitely unusual, especially when the owner is a woman. The hero is from South Africa, and his way of thinking is also not the norm for many folks living in the southwest at the turn of the twentieth century. Sara Luck vividly interweaves factual details with imaginative circumstances to create a heartwarming romance filled with genuine emotions.

When Phoebe Sloan had traveled to the Arizona Territory seeking employment, she ended up getting married and having a son. But when her husband is accidently killed on their ranch, she is the only one who thinks continuing to raise ostriches will eventually be profitable. With all her money tied up in the risky venture plus having the relatives of her husband make constant threats, Phoebe fears what will happen to her child if she cannot successfully sell the birds’ gorgeous feathers which are in high demand in the states and overseas.

After making sure several ostriches are safely transported from Cape Town to a buyer in Arizona, a South African named Christian de Wet ends up accepting a job offer and will stay in the area for a while. When he sees first-hand what a trying time Phoebe is having on her farm, he offers his assistance in getting things back on track. Though she desperately wants to prove her goal can be reached, if a profit is not made soon, then she may lose everything she cares about. Yet with the help of Christian, she just might have the life she has always wanted.

The predicaments women must face have greatly changed over the years, and Phoebe certainly lived through quite a few that were once all too frequent in her time period. I really liked how she stood up to anyone who tried to take away her choice of freewill, and she definitely did not give in without speaking her mind. She is a very devoted mother, and it was good to see how her son was always in her thoughts. When she meets Christian, she was fascinated but never dreamed they would ever be in a relationship because of so many differences. But sometimes unexpected connections turn into caring and perhaps even love. I enjoyed seeing how Christian and Phoebe would recall values they admire when thinking of another person and not be influenced by the opinions of someone else. Also, their past experiences draw them closer because of all that they have lost over the years, as they cannot help but feel compassion toward each other.

Sara Luck has truly done lots of research for UNDER THE DESERT SKY, where fiction comes across as particularly realistic. Many various factors dealing with the raising of ostriches are accurately depicted, and I found the information to be very interesting. There are also numerous remarks made about actual individuals who are known for making an impact during the timeframe of the story, thus adding convincing realism. From wars to discrimination and the places where decisive events took place, this story left me feeling as though I had traveled back in time and watched history in the making. UNDER THE DESERT SKY entertains with originality.

Copy received from publisher

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  March 29, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jtlze7y

Genre:  Historical

Rating:  4 Stars

Edge of Surrender by Laura Griffin

51gPMSDTBrLThe gripping conclusion of the first installment in the Alpha Crew series leads to a heart-pounding start in the second episode, where more questions are raised and few individuals can be trusted. Emma has disappeared, and there are hardly any clues for Ryan to follow. But nothing will stop this tenacious SEAL from finding the woman who is beginning to mean more to him than just an assignment. Laura Griffin always captures the imagination with believable dilemmas packed with danger and often impossible odds. Unexpected threats keep EDGE OF SURRENDER constantly intriguing.

When Ryan Owen took Emma Wright to a safe house, he did think anyone would be able to find them. But when she goes missing and he has no idea where she has gone or with whom, he desperately tries to learn what happened to her. It could all be because of her persistent in asking questions about the plane crash that killed several people in the Philippines, including her boss, the wife of a U.S. ambassador. Since Emma was the only survivor, whatever she knows could be placing her at risk and Ryan worries over how far someone might go to keep specific facts secret.

Using the best resources he can find, Ryan relentlessly looks for Emma. The control he learned as a SEAL is needed, as he must not lose focus of his goal to rescue her again. While the first time was because of orders, the current task is for his own reasons. Emma may feel a powerful attraction to Ryan, but putting her life in his hands once more will take much faith since there are so many uncertainties.

As Ryan begins the most important mission of his life in locating Emma, several emotional conflicts are also issues in their lives. A disagreement following a memorable sexual encounter is what led to her disappearance, and now guilt plus reservations makes a romantic relationship doubtful. As they delve into solving the increasing number of threats, Ryan and Emma find the pull between them is very strong and sex is a great way to relieve stress. Being carried away by desire also has the couple becoming more emotionally involved with each other, as their numerous intimate moments bring them closer. I did not know for sure what each would ultimately decide, but I kept my hopes up for good choices to be made in the end.

EDGE OF SURRENDER has riveting adventures and an engaging romance. While the first book about Ryan and Emma concentrated on many dangerous circumstances, this story gave more attention to their relationship while still being suspenseful. Though the government employee was never just an obligation to the SEAL, the idea of losing her only makes him more dogged in keeping harm away. A large number of facts that previously remained hidden are gradually revealed, and I found several details to be surprising. With the story being shorter than a novel, not every scene is fully played out. But enough information is given to let the reader know what led to present happenings. There are secondary characters who definitely need to tell their story, and I hope there are lots more books in the compelling Alpha Crew series.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Alpha Crew

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  March 28, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zfwdwxv

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.lauragriffin.com/

Rating: 4 Stars


Immortal Redeemed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

51V7SkecdsL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_A long time ago, a group called The Seven was formed and these immortals have lived for centuries. The oath they pledged to keep a sacred relic safe is being fulfilled, and now they also protect humans from Others whose intent is great harm. But one of them is ready for his long life to end, and his latest mission is to achieve this personal goal. The legend behind Galahad is cleverly interwoven into the fascinating paranormal story created by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, where myths about the noble knight of the Round Table become even more intriguing when he battles supernatural creatures. IMMORTAL REDEEMED is truly unforgettable because of its groundbreaking originality.

An immortal now known as Kellan Ladd has watched over humanity for many years, but the responsibility has left him weary and ready for his life to finally be over. There are six others like him, and each has carried out the obligations given to them after becoming Blood Knights. Though Kellan has diligently followed the vows he once made, he thinks the time has come for locating the only person who can make it possible for him to not live any longer. He is now on a mission to find this individual without letting any of the other Blood Knights know his decision.

Helping people brings McKenna Randall much satisfaction, and when she could not remain a cop because of an unfortunate incident, she became a nurse. One night after a grueling shift in the ER ends, she feels strangely drawn to a guy on a motorcycle outside the hospital and goes to speak with him. There seems to be something about the man that makes McKenna want to be around him though she knows it is unwise. Kellan plans to discover if she is the person who holds the secret to his future. But as he pursues his quest for this crucial answer, a large number of vampires also take an interest in McKenna and makes the circumstances even more challenging.

The whole concept behind the Blood Knights miniseries is innovative, and I was engrossed in IMMORTAL REDEEMED from beginning to conclusion. A knight of the Round Table is turned into a powerful warrior fighting despicable creatures, and I enjoyed every attention-grabbing detail that the author had me visualizing. Imaginative ideas are turned into realistic situations, as Linda Thomas-Sundstrom makes every moment seem so conceivable. I definitely wanted to accept many of the events happening as true, because then it would mean there are honorable individuals protecting humans without our knowledge. While the vampires in the story may be unpleasant, the author does let several werewolves display their more praiseworthy traits to my delight.

When Kellan made his way to Seattle, he had only one thought and that was terminating his life. But when he sees McKenna, he instantly begins having feelings he has not experienced in a very long time. While she may have a part to play in what happens to him, she also affects him and makes his emotions become involved. Their scenes together are some of the most intense I have ever read, especially those at first when the force of their sexual craving is so overwhelming. This mutual desire results in encounters filled with explosive passion yet also conflicted emotions. Kellan is such an honorable person, and I worried over what his final choice would end up being. McKenna has been through so much, and I admired how she would not give in despite the odds against her. IMMORTAL REDEEMED is everything a paranormal story should be and more.

Received copy from author

Series:  Blood Knights

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  April 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/hesqnv2

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:   http://www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com

Rating:  5 Stars

The Study of Seduction by Sabrina Jeffries

5158515icbLIn the Sinful Suitors series, a number of men vow to keep specific women safe, but things become complicated when they end up desiring those whom they should be guarding. When the main couple in THE STUDY OF SEDUCTION was met in previous releases by Sabrina Jeffries, I thought of Edwin Barlow as reserved and stuffy, while Clarissa Lindsey was outgoing and even impulsive. Yet as I came to know them in their own story, I found outward appearances can be deceiving, as there is so much more to these two than the impression they convey to anyone around them. Sabrina Jeffries always gives her main characters personalities that come across as believable, and the real life problems tackled in THE STUDY OF SEDUCTION cause many sympathetic reactions.

The St. George’s Club was formed by three men who wanted to make certain the females under their care were only courted by someone appropriate. With the sister of Edwin Barlow, the Earl of Blakeborough, happily married, he feels his goal has been accomplished. Now his best friend, another founding club member, needs help in watching over a cousin, Lady Clarissa Lindsey. A Frenchman is pursuing her with persistent determination, and she reluctantly agrees to Edwin’s assistance while her cousin is out of town. He would secretly be very pleased if any attention to him was romantic, yet he knows she would never consider being in a relationship with him although they have known each other since childhood.

When Clarissa and Edwin attend their first social function together, her unwanted suitor forces them to pretend marriage is in their future. Now they must give the impression that there is more between them than just friendship, as the Frenchman is watching their every move. While Edwin could easily imagine Clarissa as his wife, she had no plans to ever wed. But circumstances turn what was only supposed to be a fake engagement into a reality.

Rarely does the hero in a story deeply affect me like Edwin did so many times, and he is definitely someone I would actually like to know. He may seem stern most of the time, but he is in fact compassionate and puts the needs of those for whom he cares before his own. There is also playful side to him that only the right person can coax out, and Clarissa tempts him to be a different person when around her. Both keep certain information hidden from the other, and I felt their distress as they debated what to do in their minds. Sabrina Jeffries has her characters facing true-to-life situations, where reactions are emotionally compelling and often moving. How Edwin responds to Clarissa on numerous occasions made me love this man even more, as he listened to what she had to say and only thought about her feelings and not his mental state. This couple had to overcome many difficult truths, and I fretted over what they would eventually decide when a choice had to be made.

Several scenes are very entertaining when a favorite pastime of Edwin’s is depicted, as he is a perfectionist in everything he attempts. A few past characters are featured from time to time, and it was especially good to revisit with the main couple in the first Sinful Suitors book.  Sabrina Jeffries once again makes details in her story seem authentic, so that I was transported to London in the 1830’s. There are more stories in the series to come, and I am truly delighted. THE STUDY OF SEDUCTION has challenging emotional entanglements, particularly likable characters and ever-increasing sexual tension.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  Sinful Suitors

Publisher:  Pocket

Releases:  March 22, 2016

Purchase:  http://amzn.to/1QHyUaX

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  http://www.sabrinajeffries.com/

Rating:  5 Stars