Rake’s Redemption by Chantal Fernando

514H+b2hmkLThere is often much drama in the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club series, and not all of it relates to clashes with a rival club. While many of the Wind Dragons members and the women with whom they are involved are only looking for a good time, occasionally one of the men comes across a special female that he wants to call his. In the previous books of the series, there have been several complicated relationships which eventually resulted in long-term commitment. But past history between Rake and Bailey makes any connection besides hostile seem impossible. Chantal Fernando has these two experiencing a wide range of highs and lows, where emotional conflicts all too often caused me to become very nervous about the outcome of any disagreement. RAKE’S REDEMPTION is constantly engaging with believable developments and a large group of original characters.

While everything about their teenage relationship seemed perfect to Adam and Bailey, their dreams of a happy future together do not take place. Years later, he is known as Rake and belongs to the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club. Though she lives not too far away, the two have never seen each other again until they happen to meet at a bar where he spends much time. Many memories of what they once shared are instantly recalled, but the reason Rake and Bailey broke up is also in their thoughts, a painful reminder of why they are not a couple any longer. Hurtful words are spoken, and neither wants to ever come in contact with the other again.

Though there have been countless women in Rake’s life since he was with Bailey, the only thing they meant to him was sexual pleasure, and lately he does not even feel much satisfaction afterward. When the one woman he actually loved comes back in to his life, old hurts haunt him. Bailey has also tried to move on, but seeing Rake again just proves she never got over him completely, no matter the distrust between them now. Yet when she is danger because of her association with the Wind Dragons member, what happened in their past is not nearly as important to him as the current circumstances.

Situations filled with intense emotions are often the focal point of the fourth Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club story. While there are some disputes with other motorcycle clubs, much of the focus is on Rake and Bailey. Now that their paths have crossed, they continuously struggle with feelings thought long dead. Although one night changed their opinion of each other, a love like theirs is hard to totally destroy. The way in which the reactions of this couple are conveyed deeply touched me, as each sentiment is absolutely realistic. Chantal Fernando exposes the depth of their feelings with honesty and great passion, and I was drawn into every aspect of their lives. I laughed when they enjoyed fun times with friends, and I felt like crying when hidden truths are revealed with frank openness. Interaction between Rake and Bailey turns blazingly hot when lust takes over, and I could sense just how much they craved each other even if they wanted to deny it. Emotions in RAKE’S REDEMPTION are repeatedly heartfelt, while sexual hunger is fueled by overwhelming desire.

All the delightful couples from the prior books in the series are featured from time to time, and many of their comments caused plenty of laughs, especially those spoken by Faye. Chantal Fernando has constructed an intriguing world for the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club, and I hope each compelling member and even some of those just linked to the group get their own story.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  June 28. 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/gwm6xrs

Genre:   Contemporary

Author website:  http://www.authorchantalfernando.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

Half Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

51vdyCX+j7LA new wolf shape-shifter has been created by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, and I instantly fell in love with this compelling hero. Michael Hunter has traits that are all his own, and he proved himself to be compassionate when needed. The heroine, Kaitlin Davies, is even more unique, and the disclosures about this spirited woman often left me amazed. With an innovative plot plus a large group of fascinating supernatural beings, HALF WOLF is constantly entertaining.

When Kaitlin Davies left the university library and was returning to her apartment, she had no idea how much was about to change in just a few moments. Becoming the target of a vampire almost ended her life, but another type of creature saved her from dying. Upon giving consent for Michael Hunter to keep her alive, Kaitlin is in for a shock when she learns how her future would be forever altered. Now her body is transforming from a human to something much different.

Though Michael knew vampires were responsible for the disappearance of several people who had gone missing lately near Clement College, he never thought about being put in the position where his Lycan capabilities would be used to save someone. But while out patrolling the campus one night, he comes upon Kaitlin only minutes from dying. Then an impulsive decision is made by the Alpha wolf to make her like him. As Michael stays near the once human female as her body begins to change, he admires the way she is unwilling to give in to the fears that could consume her. But when her transition is not at all normal, both he and Kaitlin are in for one surprise after another.

There is always originality in a story by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, and HALF WOLF is one of her most inventive. Several species of beings are in the book, and each one is portrayed in very special ways. Werewolves have traits that are only found in paranormal books by this author, while vampires featured in the story definitely do not have any romantic thoughts. There is even another race making an appearance, where little is known and mysteries abound. Folklore related to any of these groups is definitely attention-grabbing, and many of the legends are given their own distinct twist.

The premise of HALF WOLF is extremely imaginative. I was instantly drawn into the storyline, as Michael and Kaitlin are facing so many challenges from the very beginning. Although he knows saving a human by possibly turning her into a Lycan should not occur, he feels not letting her die is more important than following the rules of his kind. The gentleness Michael shows to Kaitlin won me over, but it was the strong connection between them which really pulled me in their lives. There are several times in the story where the author had me experiencing the powerful feelings this couple felt for each other, as every moment is backed with such sincere responses. How they are now linked leads to passionate encounters where desire is almost uncontrollable. The reactions of Kaitlin to what is going on in her life came across as very realistic, and I felt for her as she tried to adjust to all the new happenings.

In previous stories by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom, wolf shifters who live in Miami were introduced, and some of them come to the college town with a specific purpose in mind. Their books do not have to be read in order to understand what is going on, but learning about them would make you want to find out what had been missed.

Received copy from author

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  July 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zf523g8

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.lindathomas-sundstrom.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Deep Cover by Kimberly Van Meter

51ufV-yZVcL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_There are definitely plenty of unknowns in DEEP COVER, where a number of concerns are connected to a FBI case while other worries are related to how a couple feels about each other. When the relationship of two people ended badly and they must now work together, it causes all kind of problems, especially when one wrong choice can have deadly consequences. As government agents, Shaine Kelly and Poppy Jones have an obligation to carry out their assignments and not let anything interfere. But keeping their feelings under complete control is not always easy when they are in daily contact once again. Kimberly Van Meter has created lots of risky escapades for her romantic couple to constantly overcome. Emotional conflicts are interwoven into dangerous exploits all throughout DEEP COVER.

A new and often lethal drug has been invented in Miami, and several government agencies are going to be working together to stop the individuals responsible for its distribution. Shaine Kelly is from the FBI and will be on the team, and he is eager to begin the undercover operation. But when he discovers Poppy Jones is one of the DEA agents coming, he is stunned. She was once with the FBI, and they became intimately close until she was injured. Afterward, Poppy changed agencies and caused Shaine much heartache.

Though neither wants to be paired with the other on this crucial mission, both know taking down the drug dealer is too imperative to let personal matters interfere in how they handle any assignments, regardless of how they actually feel. She also wants to prove her competence, as there have been numerous times in the past where her skills came into question. As Shaine and Poppy are placed in situations which will hopefully allow them to observe any drug dealings, they know circumstances can go wrong in an instant and must be prepared for anything.

DEEP COVER is entertaining with riveting intrigue. With so many questions needing to be answered, I was never sure what Shaine and Poppy would be facing when they tried to resolve an issue. In the world of drug lords and those who do their bidding, lies are commonplace, so it was very hard to know whether someone was lying or telling the truth. As I went along on the journey with Shaine and Poppy as they tried to uncover the facts, I was sometimes shocked by what was disclosed. Kimberly Van Meter kept me guessing as to what would happen in the end, as danger and ruthless determination kept escalating.

While Poppy and Shaine knew they should only focus on the case and not think about what was once between them, it is certainly difficult at times when they must come in contact with each other. Both are dedicated to their careers, where doing their best is very important to them. Much was left unsaid when they parted, yet finding the right words now is still tough. Feelings are expressed through actions more than comments, as they do not want to admit what is in their hearts, even to themselves. Mounting sexual tension just adds pressure to their already complicated lives during this case. Shaine does have a candidly honest conversation with one of his brothers, and it let me know exactly how he felt about Poppy, thus showing me his real thoughts. I hope his two brothers who have very interesting careers also get their own books.

Copy received from author

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  July 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/h6shhsz

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://kimberlyvanmeter.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

Navy SEAL Seduction by Bonnie Vanak

51kgIgVampL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_The SOS Agency miniseries starts off with an installment packed with action and lots of peril. Add in a second chance at romance plot, and the book is doubly enjoyable, especially when threats and feelings become entangled. I have always found the paranormal releases by Bonnie Vanak to be imaginative plus feature original characters, and her first romantic suspense book is just as captivating. Since there will be more books centered around the newly formed SOS Agency, I look forward to catching up with the wonderful couple met in this book and those with whom they have a connection. NAVY SEAL SEDUCTION has nonstop action that frequently seems foreboding.

Training that Navy SEAL Lt. Jarrett “Iceman” Adler received has helped him complete numerous missions, but it will probably not help in persuading a very stubborn woman to listen when he presents his reasonable argument. There is much political unrest on the island of St. Marc at the moment, and what should have been a pleasant reunion with a buddy while both are on leave could easily turn into a nightmare situation. Though not worried about himself, Jarrett does fear for the safety of his ex-wife, Lacey Stewart, and plans to talk her into leaving.

When the two meet up, Jarrett has no idea how she will respond to him. He soon learns Lacey is unwilling to abandon the charitable organization she runs that assists poor women on the island. She is just as adamant about staying as he is to see her depart, and nothing said seems to change her thinking. Jarrett may no longer have a say in how she lives her life, but he is not going to let anything bad happen to her. When minor threats suddenly turn extremely dangerous, Lacey knows her former husband has the ability to keep her safe. Yet getting close to him again may have too high of a price.

The marriage of Jarrett and Lacey fell apart when he was not able to support her during a personal crisis, and going through the pain of letting him once again into her life and then to only return to his duties as a SEAL is more than she can endure. However, neither has forgotten what it was like to be a couple, and this link may not be as broken as they believe. Seeing each other again brings up lots of good plus unhappy memories, and whether to listen to their minds or follow the longing in their hearts causes plenty of internal conflict. The reactions of Jarrett and Lacey were always very realistic, and I hurt along with them when confessions were declared. Although they have much difficulty reaching a decision on many issues at this time, they can mutually agree on how the powerful sexual attraction between them is still very much alive. When control is lost, the encounters are definitely steamy.

Bonnie Vanak has created a fascinating world for NAVY SEAL SEDUCTION, where duty and desire collide. The setting is filled with visually descriptive details, thus letting me feel like I was right there on the island facing jeopardy or observing the daily life of the islanders. The intrigue of what is actually going on is cleverly conceived, and I was drawn into every gripping incident because of the growing amount of uncertainty. As every new revelation was exposed, I was often shocked and became more fearful for Jarrett and Lacey. I am thrilled Bonnie Vanak has joined the romantic suspense genre.

Received copy from author

Series:  SOS Agency

Publisher:  Harlequin Romantic Suspense

Releases:  July 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zs94vx9

Genre:  Suspense

Author website:  http://www.bonnievanak.com/

Rating: 4.5 Stars

A Measure of Love by Sophie Jackson

418XYikZ4ILThe emotional trials a normally carefree man must face in the latest A Pound of Flesh story are realistic and often extremely moving. Each of the two previous full length installments in the series have been overflowing with lots of true-to-life events, and the third book ratchets up the drama from the very start. Emotions run high as tense situations play out, and a secret added to my worry over what would take place if eventually revealed. Sophie Jackson creates conflicts that are frequently heartbreaking, and each of these gripping scenes deeply moved me. A MEASURE OF LOVE grabs your every thought while reading and is hard to forget when completed.

After leaving Michigan and moving to New York, life has been up and down for Riley Moore. He served a prison sentence for making a very bad decision concerning an acquaintance, but has made certain to get his life back on track since then. Working with a good friend at their auto body shop brings him much satisfaction, and he can always find a woman when he feels the need. Back in his hometown, Riley had grown up with Lexie Pierce, and he had come to think she would be in his life forever. But fate intervened and changed their hopeful futures.

A falling out with his dad led to Riley not seeing his parents in a couple of years, and he has no idea what happened to Lexie. However, the instant he hears his father had another heart attack, he immediately goes to offer support to his family. Being back home has him recalling memories of the many times spent with Lexie. Unintentionally ending up in the same store leaves Riley and Lexie feelings uncomfortable and little is said. However, he feels compelled to reach out to her soon afterward. But this time, a truth she has kept from him will either draw them together or result in tearing what they could have apart.

Though some stories tug at my heart, rarely do they touch me as profoundly as A MEASURE OF LOVE. The lives of Riley and Lexie are clearly exposed from childhood to all their issues as an adult, and regardless of whether the experiences took place when they were younger or are current, each event gave detailed insight into how their lives turned out and why. I felt as though I knew this couple very well, as the author had me living through the circumstances along with them. Their inner pain let me know how Riley and Lexie suffered once their dreams had died, while the hope they feel once reunited told me their connection is still very strong.

Sophie Jackson excels at writing stories with heartfelt emotion plus engaging characters, and A MEASURE OF LOVE is memorably noteworthy. While each of the books in the A Pound of Flesh series has been exceptional, I must say that Riley and Lexie’s story affected me the most. Ms. Jackson has these two pouring out their feelings to each other time and again, and every episode is so honestly sincere. Their reactions are always genuine, and their happy moments left me smiling while anything sorrowful caused me to be upset. Riley is a man who would do anything for his family or friends, and his winning personality made me like him at all times. Though Lexie made a big error when she withheld crucial information from Riley when they were younger, her responses to him now proved she had truly grown up. Their relationship is emotional, passionate and very believable. I hope Riley’s brothers get their own future stories, as each man is certainly fascinating.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  A Pound of Flesh – Book 5

Publisher:  Gallery

Releases:  June 21, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jlqcmzd

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  https://sophiejacksonauthor.com/

Rating:  5 Stars

Awakened by the Wolf by Kristal Hollis

51NBI0keAwLIn the first book of the Wahyas of Walker’s Run series, there is much originality all throughout the story. The Wahyas are wolf shape-shifters who possess unique traits that I have never before come across, and they also have customs which are exclusively their own. I was totally fascinated by these extraordinary beings, as the imagination of Kristal Hollis has given this particular group of shifters their own special qualities. When one Wahya male with a troubled past unexpectedly encounters a human female, sparks fly and emotional turmoil increases with every new development in their lives. But sometimes what they think is the correct choice to make is not what destiny has in mind for them. AWAKENED BY THE WOLF is captivatingly innovative.

Though Brice Walker agrees with the decision of his father, who is the leader of the Walker’s Run pack, to be sent away because of a bad choice, he has missed the Appalachian Mountains where he grew up. After being gone for five years, he has returned in order to see his grandmother as she means much to him. Brice plans to hide the fact he is in the area, as he could be punished for coming back, but he wants to check on his favorite relative. But upon entering his old bedroom at his granny’s home, he finds his bed is occupied by a human woman who has no interest in sharing it with him.

By working at the Walker’s Run resort and continuing her education, Cassidy Albright is following a plan to make her future better than her unhappy childhood. Yet circumstances place her in contact with Brice, where they clash again and again. Although they are connected in ways neither wants to mention, these links bring the couple surprisingly closer. For the first time ever, Brice and Cassie realize their lives might turn out differently than they thought if they choose to follow their hearts.

Happenings in AWAKENED BY THE WOLF are easy to envision because of the way in which Kristal Hollis describes any specifics using precise details. Happy times were made all the more enjoyable because of the frequent candid banter spoken by Brice and Cassie to each other, and I repeatedly laughed at their more clever comments. While there are many humorous episodes, there is also much drama that greatly affected me. Family discussions are often heated when Brice is involved, and some of the talks he and Cassie had were almost as intense. The sexual tension between them is heightened by the feelings he was willing to express but she kept unsaid. I really felt for these two, as both their pasts have been filled with heartbreak. Though Cassie wants to remain independent, it leaves her at risk of keeping everyone at a distance. I could see her point because of all she has gone through, but it sure did make for a lonely life. Brice is a wonderful hero, as he is protective plus supportive of those for whom he cares, and his charming personality made me fall in love with him from the very start.

There is some suspense in the story, and I became concerned when it was not clear as to how things would turn out. Some issues are fueled by desire, while others are caused by opposing beliefs, and I often never knew in what manner someone might react. There are several characters in the story that definitely need their own books, and I am very glad AWAKENED BY THE WOLF is the beginning of a series.

Received copy from author

Series:  Wahyas of Walker’s Run – Book 1

Publisher:  Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  June 1. 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zo2t3h6

Genre:  Paranormal

Author website:  http://kristalhollis.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

One White Rose by Julie Garwood

51-N0MCyL3LWhile one Clayborne brother has come across a woman whom he will cherish for the rest of his life, there are still three more men who need to find that special someone. In the second Clayborne Brides book, a normal situation turns into circumstances filled with danger, awe, and unexpected feelings. Julie Garwood packs this entrancing novella with lots of complications, where opinions clash and desire adds to the tension. ONE WHITE ROSE has charming characters plus an abundance of heartfelt emotions. Even with having previously read the story, I was once again totally captivated.

The first meeting between Douglas Clayborne and Isabel Grant was in the barn on her property. He had come to claim a horse that he had bought from her husband some time ago, but instead of finalizing the deal, he ends up in a tense situation. Douglas is a man who is usually unafraid no matter what he has to face. Yet having to take care of Isabel during an unanticipated event is enough to actually make him nervous. While he and the determined woman might have been strangers when he arrived, he repeatedly steps in and offers his assistance during any dilemma, regardless of what it involves.

An escalating problem concerning Isabel for whom Douglas now feels responsible makes him extremely angry. Though her life has been very difficult lately because of a local man who is greedy and just plain evil, her spirit has not been broken. He knows staying in the area for a short time is best for her, and the skills he learned while forced to fend for himself at a young age in New York City are once again useful. Although Douglas came to Isabel’s ranch to only get his horse, he gradually realizes there is something else he also wants.

Stories by Julie Garwood are constantly enjoyably entertaining, and I think her books revolving around the Clayborne siblings are definitely some of her most engaging. The whole family has interesting backgrounds, and Douglas has always been a favorite. He and Isabel are particularly likable, as they work through their differences by expressing plenty of sincere feelings. When her spitfire behavior does battle with his rational nature, sparks fly and retorts are frequently witty. Several inner thoughts are insightful along with often being amusing. I might be laughing one moment and then feeling a tug at my heart the next, as Ms. Garwood has the couple experiencing a vast assortment of predicaments.

ONE WHITE ROSE is a heartwarming historical romance. Even though not every detail about the couple or storyline is explored because of the shorter length of the book, there was certainly enough information given to let me know not only what was taking place but why it happened. I knew Douglas was an honorable man, but he proved this trait over and over again with his self-sacrificing conduct toward Isabel. He could have easily collected his horse and left her to whatever fate had in store, but his compassion for others had him staying with her and doing whatever he could to keep her safe. I thought her resolve to carry on despite all that had befallen her was admirable, as many individuals would have given up long ago. All the brothers of Douglas show up in the book, and they had me laughing after just a few words are spoken. Adam gets his chance at happiness next, and I am eager to reread his personal story.

Copy received from publisher

Series:  Clayborne Brides – Book 2

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  June 13, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/jmmydh5

Genre:  Historical

Author website:  http://juliegarwood.com/

Rating:  4.5 Stars

From This Day Forward by Lauren Layne

51LudJyG77LA wide range of emotions are expressed in The Wedding Belles prequel, where two people get another chance to discover if what they once felt for a short spell was actually real or only fleeting. When two photographers reconnect because of work, taking the perfect photo is soon not the only thing on either of their minds. Lauren Layne also introduces characters who are linked to the exclusive company which carries out the wishes of wedding couples, and these individuals are focused on making sure all dreams do come true. On this particular occasion, the magical moments may not be confined to only the bride and groom. FROM THIS DAY FORWARD is enchantingly delightful.

Though Leah McHale is tired after photographing a wedding for much of the previous night, she happily accepts an invitation to a meeting the next morning with one of the owners of Wedding Belles, a New York City business that plans weddings. Their events are often impressive, and she appreciates being recommended to many of their clients. When she is offered the opportunity to take over some of the photographic duties for the nuptials of the daughter of a former president, Leah is thrilled at the prospect. She knows it could showcase her talent and bring more customers. But when she hears the other person taking pictures is Jason Rhodes, her feelings are in turmoil.

The brief fling Leah and Jason enjoyed was very passionate, yet an incident caused her to mistrust him and want out of his life forever. Now the two will have to at least talk about the responsibilities that each will perform. Leah wants any time they spend together to be about the wedding, nothing personal. She had let herself believe there was something special between them, but any moments they share over the weekend while working will only be professional with no emotions involved.

Since FROM THIS DAY FORWARD lets both Leah and Jason’s viewpoints be known, I came to understand how a single occurrence changed their relationship. Though their opinions about the circumstances may differ, the connection they formerly felt has never completely died. So when Jason and Leah end up working the same wedding, there are a number of possibilities as to how things will turn out. As they let their inner feelings be known to me, I really hoped a certain conversation would be in their future, and I eagerly kept reading in the anticipation of it occurring.

As the background of Jason was revealed, I realized the reason for some of his actions. Both were hurt by how each responded during a decisive situation in their past, and it now causes Leah to be snippy with him, while he is plotting his next move. Their comments are sometimes amusing while still having a bite to them, and any remarks where they lay their hearts on the line are certainly compelling. This novella introduces the reader to the world of those associated with Wedding Belles, and Lauren Layne makes me glad there are more stories to come. FROM THIS DAY FORWARD has conflicted emotions and sensually stirring encounters.

Received copy from publisher

Series:  The Wedding Belles

Publisher:  Pocket Star

Releases:  June 6, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zq7kawz

Genre:  Contemporary

Author website:  http://laurenlayne.com/

Rating:  4 Stars

The Vampire’s Protector by Michele Hauf

513K9xpML-L._SY346_The stories by Michele Hauf that focus on the paranormal are always entertainingly unique, and THE VAMPIRE’S PROTECTOR may be the most original creation yet. Actual historical facts are cleverly blended with the author’s inventive imagination to create scene after scene of captivating fascination. I am constantly amazed at the innovative storylines brought to life by this talented author, where characters are often remarkably special and grab my attention with their distinctive personalities. In the latest novel about the Beautiful Creatures world, the story is centered on two individuals who meet because of an ill-fated incident which could lead to disaster. The journey they must take together is frequently comical yet also heartfelt at times because of genuine emotion.

Various capabilities that come with being a vampire are often useful in the assignments Summer Santiago does for the Council which supervises the many paranormal species. She retrieves objects that are considered dangerous, and her present task is to locate a violin previously owned by Nicolo Paganini. The Italian violinist was reportedly linked with the devil, and the instrument might even be cursed. So Summer needs to take it back to the Council in Paris for safekeeping in case it really could be destructive. But upon finding the violin, an unplanned event causes a huge problem.

Because of the instrument’s magical powers, Summer ends up bringing Nicolo back to life when a few notes are inadvertently played. When she learns what has happened, she knows it is her responsibility to watch over the newly awakened violinist, especially since he knows nothing of the current world. There are many worries for him now that he is alive again, and a wrong decision could be catastrophic. As Nicolo and Summer try to discover what is actually going on and if there will be any repercussions, he finds himself desiring her along with the temptation to play the cursed violin.

There are so many compelling scenes written for THE VAMPIRE’S PROTECTOR. The high regard and understanding Michele Hauf has for classical music made the story very interesting, while using truths and even some speculations about a renowned violinist doubled my reading enjoyment. I did look up information about Nicolo Paganini, and the way in which the author interweaves his factual life with her imaginings is truly ingenious. Since he died so long ago, reawakening in modern times where cars, phones and electricity are commonplace definitely caused plenty of complications for Nicolo. His reactions are often hilarious, while his comments are amusing because he is awestruck by all the changes from when he lived.  I could easily visualize his expression when he saw his own photo so quickly.

Summer is a delight during the whole story. She is a dedicated employee, yet her concern for the confused Nicolo proves she is caring and cannot be swayed from what she feels is her duty. Whenever these two experience the sexual pull between them, it only takes a moment for the heated lust to ignite. A large number of their conversations are filled with wit plus lots of cunning retorts, causing me to smile countless times. Books by Ms. Hauf repeatedly encourage laughter, and there were certainly plenty of chuckle-inducing scenes in this enthralling story. But there are also several episodes where I was left breathless because of the heartfelt drama being played out. I never know what the concept of a story by Michele Hauf will end up being, but each one has been extremely original. THE VAMPIRE’S PROTECTOR is a notable paranormal romance.

Copy received from author

Publisher:   Harlequin Nocturne

Releases:  June 1, 2016

Purchase:  http://tinyurl.com/zeofsr5

Genre:   Paranormal

Author website:  http://www.michelehauf.com/

Rating:  5 Stars